Bridal survival guide

Bridal survival guide
Working with a stability ball is a great way to improve your posture and is an easy way to build exercise into your routine

If getting ready for your wedding day is starting to feel like a mountain climb or marathon, here are wise words from London trainer and fitness guru Nadya Fairweather to help you keep focus on what really counts


Known for getting everyone from new mums, to CEOs into shape – and helping Princess Beatrice power through the London Marathon – U-Shape founder Nadya Fairweather is a former gymnast who leads a team of specialist trainers. Her tips for brides-to-be offer welcome reassurance – all are quick, simple and achievable, however short of time you feel.

Focus on sleep

It isn’t all about the ‘burn’ or the hours at the gym – in fact, sleep is top of Nadya’s bridal ‘to do’ list. She recommends clients work with a sleep app, to monitor their patterns of rest. Nadya says: “Even if you think you are good at coping, the run up to a wedding is a stressful time. A sleep app helps you monitor your patterns, and also shows you how much better you sleep when you’ve had even 10 minutes of exercise”.

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Work on core strength

Work on posture

This is a key area Nadya likes to work on because it’s the thing that can make or break how you look on the day. We all tend to slouch and the wedding photos can be unforgiving – especially if you have a shoulder-revealing gown. “There are exercises – including work with a stability ball or BarreConcept training – that build core strength and improve posture and upper body tone. But actually it’s also about building the confidence to not just stand well but walk tall with shoulders back, so that you glide down that aisle”.

Get into a routine

Building some sort of exercise routine into your planning early, before things get busy, is really useful. Not only will it help with stress and overall wellbeing, but it’s more likely to be sustainable. Nadya says: “If you sort out your time management early and make some exercise integral to your routine it makes a huge difference to your physical and emotional shape”.

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Boxing is fast exercise and a great stress release

Don’t panic

Guess what, that exercise routine doesn’t always happen. Nadya says crunch time for brides often happens shortly before the final dress fitting. Instead of embarking on a crazy fitness blitz in the final weeks, talk to an expert to set and achieve targets – be it toning, weight loss or a confidence boost. “I have experience with a fair few brides who want support at later stages. The focus is on giving them information and tools do as much as possible on their own – a lot can be achieved, even in a short time”.

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Nadya says there are many ways to achieve your wedding-day fitness goals – so think different, get expert advice and use the time you have

Think different

We tend to think about the treadmill or track, but there are so many other ways to achieve your goals. Nadya says: “Boxing is great for toning your upper body, torso and abs – many female clients love it because it gives them an opportunity to vent and release stress by punching something! And you don’t have to do too much, after 10 minutes you are on the floor. Yoga keeps you fit, regulates hormones and releases stress; it’s also quiet time away from your phone. And our life coach is great at helping people work out their goals and then achieve them.”


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