Signature scent: Choosing the one…

Signature scent: Choosing the one...
Choosing your signature scent on your wedding day sets the mood. Beauty Editor Sophie Cullen advises. Image: Jo Malone

Signature scent is so personal, so do you go for something new for your wedding day? Guest Beauty Editor Sophie Cullen, one of the gurus behind The Bridal Beauty Festival, gives some much-needed advice

From musks to florals, sweets, fresh and everything in between, the world of perfume can be a minefield. Do you stick with the trusted fragrance you’ve worn for the last 10 years on your wedding day or try something new and exciting that you may find you love just as much? 

First up, look at your scents at home – is there a unifying thread? Perhaps they’re all citrusy colognes or rich and spicy, or maybe you’ve got half a dozen versions of rose. Condense your perfume style into three key words. For instance: pink, pretty and floral or modern, clean and fresh.

Signature scent: Choosing the one...
Consider the notes of the scents you usually wear before shopping for a new fragrance

When shopping for your new scent have your three words in mind. Get to the stores early to avoid the perfume ‘fog’ – you need a clear palette to be able to smell everything clearly. If you would enjoy a more personal experience, I highly recommend booking in for a scent consultation. Jo Malone, Creed and Diptyque are all places that can help you to find ‘the one’.  You’ll be asked a series of questions about you, your partner, likes/dislikes and, of course, your wedding style – covering everything from your flower and décor choices to stationery. Here are five favourite finds of mine.

Sophie Cullen is a bridal beauty expert and part of the team at The Bridal Beauty Festival. Find out more at

1. Penhaligon’s – The Favourite

Penhaligon’s The Favourite is beautifully complex with notes of mimosa and jasmine

2. Coach – Dreams

Dreams is crisp and light – and with exotic notes of cactus and bitter orange

3. Elizabeth Arden – White Tea Mandarin Blossom

Elizabeth Arden’s White Tea is a classic blend of bergamot, neroli and zesty lemon

4. Miu Miu – Twist Eau de Toilette

Miu Miu Twist is a rich and engaging combination, including apple blossom and cedar

5. Jo Malone – Silver Birch & Lavender

Jo Malone’s heady scent conjures up the English lavender fields in spring

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