Everything you need to know about permanent jewellery

Why welding is the newest trend in forever jewellery

Building strong bonds with permanent jewellery

Welded jewellery is becoming a popular choice for weddings. A welded piece can be a distinctive and meaningful option for couples, symbolising permanence in an alternative style.

Welded jewellery or permanent jewellery, often referred to as “forever jewellery,” is typically made by permanently joining the ends of a bracelet or necklace around the wearer’s wrist or neck. This parallels the lifelong promise made in marriage as an unbreakable and enduring commitment.

Many jewellers offer the option to customise welded pieces, allowing couples to create unique tokens that reflect their personal style and the special bond they share. This might include selecting specific metals, incorporating gemstones or designing unique shapes.


Italian jewellery brand Atelier VM was the first to bring welded bracelets to the UK and at their welding counter inside Liberty, couples often arrive together for a pre-wedding welding experience, which can be a memorable addition to the big day.

And of course after the wedding, welded jewellery serves as a lasting keepsake of the occasion, continually reminding the couple of their vows and the special memories of their wedding day.

Welded jewellery tends to have a minimalist design, creating a modern, sleek look that complements a variety of wedding styles and attire without overshadowing the overall outfit. Plus, because welded jewellery has no clasps, it’s very comfortable to wear. The growing trend of choosing welded jewellery for weddings reflects an overall shift towards more personalised and meaningful elements in wedding ceremonies and celebrations.



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