How to work it: Birdcage Veil

Demure or dazzling, the birdcage veil is a chic way to add an air of mystery to your wedding-day ensemble. Here's how to work it

How to work it: Birdcage Veil
The birdcage veil has made a bold show on the bridal catwalks, featuring in – among others – Cymbeline and Isabel Zapardiez shows at Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week

Words: Libby Norman

The birdcage veil so beloved of Hollywood heroines has made a bold show on the catwalk this season and we just love its possibilities. It doesn’t work with all wedding outfits, but is far more versatile than you might imagine. It can add a chic twist to an elegant shift or ramp up the glamour on a ballgown – especially if you opt for a design with sparkle


1. Top hat


Katherine Elizabeth’s Jemima design goes for height with a jaunty top hat and birdcage veil finishing at the hairline.

2. Take a bow


Awon Golding delivers a delicious duchess satin structured bridal bow with demure birdcage finishing just below the lips.

3. Going dotty


Katherine Elizabeth’s Sarra hat with oversized polka dots keeps things at a jaunty angle. A great finishing touch to a simple but structured gown, it’s shown here with the Aimee wedding dress by Melanie Potró.

4. Love knot

Edwina Ibbotson’s white Love Knot incorporates a chic veil into an oversized bow hat for a distinctive and bold wedding ensemble. Photo: Ruan van der Sande.

5. Crystal mystery

Maximising the allure of the birdcage veil, Awon Golding’s Hannah design goes for full coverage, with a polka dot tulle veil trimmed with pearls and Swarovski crystals skimming the face and finishing at the jaw line. It’s attached to the head with a satin-covered comb.

6. Pearl-spangled bride

London-based Scottish milliner Lizzie McQuade adds a demure embellished birdcage to a lovely pearl-spangled headband, showing that this is a veil that can even be incorporated into longer bridal hairstyles.

7. Hollywood heroine

Whether you opt for a wisp of fine net or go for full coverage, you’ll definitely add an air of Hollywood heroine mystery to your bridal look. Images Isabel Zapardiez and Cymbeline from Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week.


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