Beyond balance: wedding nutrition tips from Georgia Lennard

Beyond balance: wedding nutrition tips from Georgia Lennard

It’s safe to say that you want your skin to be radiant for your big day, so pre wedding nutrition is key. Here, nutritionist and personal trainer Georgia Lennard shares her top tips for achieving beauty from within


Words by Charlotte Emerson

Absolutely Weddings asked naturopathic nutritionist and personal trainer, Georgia Lennard to share her top tips on how we can achieve gorgeous skin from within. Here are Georgia’s pointers for keeping your health and your skin on track

  • Healthy fats are absolutely essential for skin so incorporate avocado, eggs, olives, nuts, seeds, and oily fish (think salmon, sardines, mackerel) into your daily diet. A little goes a long way so aim for half an avocado with your eggs for breakfast, a handful of almonds or macadamia nuts as a snack and fish with lots of colourful veggies for dinner.
  • Your skin needs antioxidants from vitamins A, C and E to fight the free radical damage caused by pollution and stress (we can all agree that planning a wedding can be stressful).

Beyond balance: wedding nutrition tips from Georgia Lennard

  • The most important vitamins to incorporate into your diet are Vitamin A (carrots, sweet potato, kale, eggs, spinach, broccoli) and Vitamin E (almonds, avocado, olive oil, sunflower seeds). Not only does smart eating nourish your skin, it also feeds your gut bacteria, helping to ensure that you don’t suffer from breakouts, bloating or a compromised immune system.
  • Exercise helps skin to receive more oxygen, giving you the glow that no beauty product or treatment can ever achieve. The secret is to work on your aerobic capacity (working up a sweat), while also shaping and toning your muscles.
  • Hydration is of paramount importance, you’ve got to feed and water your skin, so think in terms of hydrating foods, such as watermelon and cucumber. Try also adding lemon and lime to your drinking water to nourish your skin cells.

For nutrition plans, training plans or online support, email Georgia Lennard at the Beyond-Balance Team: [email protected] or visit 


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