Expert answer: Help, I’m a camera-shy bride!

Absolutely Weddings’ experts answer your wedding questions. Here, award-winning wedding photographer and founder of Eye Imagine Neil Horne provides some practical solutions for camera-shy brides and grooms

Q: I hate having my photograph taken and I’m not sure how I’m going to cope with the formal wedding photography on the day. Do you have any suggestions?


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Neil Horne is an award-winning wedding and portrait photographer

A: I would say about 90 per cent of the people I photograph are in the same boat. Many people feel shy about the process of being the star, have decided they are un-photogenic or have had bad photography experiences in the past. You need to establish trust and a rapport with your photographer, also explaining your issues so that they can ensure the best results on the day. We are all harsh judges of our own appearance, but if there is something that makes you self-conscious – your nose, profile or whatever – tell them and that can be factored into the way they photograph you.

One solution – and something I recommend to all my wedding clients – is an informal test shoot before the wedding. This becomes an important way of building a rapport. Even clients who dreaded the prospect have ended up feeling relaxed once they have seen how good they can look. As part of this process, I send clients the test shots and ask them to tell me what images they like and – more importantly – what they don’t. It’s hugely beneficial in ensuring they get the wedding images they want.

Do remember that your photographer’s only mission (and their business relies on this) is to make you and your guests look fantastic. Find someone you can rely on to ensure your photos become an enjoyable part of the whole wedding experience and treasured memories afterwards.

Neil Horne is an award-winning wedding, lifestyle and portrait photographer and runs the company Eye Imagine.

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