Expert answer: Foyle Fireworks’ tips for perfect pyromusical effects

Expert answer: Foyle Fireworks' tips for perfect pyromusical effects
Serena Foyle of Foyle Fireworks on designing the perfect 'son et lumière' show as your wedding finale. Photo: Kate Hopewell-Smith Photography

Absolutely Weddings’ experts answer your wedding planning questions. Here, Serena Foyle of Foyle Fireworks explains how you combine fireworks and music for a stunning wedding show

Q: We have experienced a ‘son et lumière’ show on our travels through Europe and would love something similar at our wedding. How would this work?

A: Fireworks are beautiful on their own but designed to a soundtrack they are transformed into a completely different experience. Each and every one watching will be taken on their own journey, but you can be confident that a display choreographed to bespoke music will leave you and all your guests breathless.

A key consideration is to include the timing of your display in your order of the day and stick to it. We are fortunate here in the UK that we don’t require a licence for setting off each display, but there is an 11pm cut-off – the only exceptions being Bonfire Night, Diwali, Chinese New Year and New Year’s Eve. In other countries licences vary, so do consider that in your planning schedule.

Scene-setting is hugely important which is why we often incorporate music to build an atmosphere before the show begins. Fireworks manufacturers are going big on multi-effects, such as colours, and these can be designed to change in time with the music, which gives us a different way of highlighting the ‘beats’ of certain moments.  These subtleties are what make the difference between a display that your audience describes as great and a display that’s remembered as absolutely amazing. 

Expert answer: Foyle Fireworks' tips for perfect pyromusical effects
Foyle Fireworks designs pyrotechnics with bespoke music soundtracks

About Foyle Fireworks

Serena Foyle is a multi-award-winning pyromusical producer and founder of Foyle Fireworks, which fuses bespoke musical soundtracks with fireworks 


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