Expert answer: Apollo Event Consultants’ tips for a perfect marquee wedding

Expert answer: Apollo Event Consultants' tips for a perfect marquee wedding
Apollo Event Consultants say that marquees offer huge scope for individuality

Absolutely Weddings’ experts answer your wedding planning questions. Here, Tim Hanbury of Apollo Event Consultants gives his tips for a successful marquee wedding reception

Q: We are thinking of marrying in the country with a marquee at an estate or land near my family home. What are the key considerations?

A: We consider ourselves experts when it comes to marquee events. In fact, 90 per cent of events we organise are held in marquees. They are a fabulous option but there are a number of considerations.

Some venues have a marquee up on a semi-permanent basis. If you’re considering this option, start by checking if there will be another event on the same day. Everyone wants to feel their day holds some exclusivity so this question should certainly be top of your list, along with whether you can use your own party planner and suppliers. Also find out how long the structure has been up and how often interiors – for example, carpets – are replaced. Similarly, do find out if linings, furniture and dance floor can be changed to suit your theme and if there is an additional cost attached to this. And always make sure it has a wooden floor just in case it rains!

Other practicalities include finding out how long you get to decorate the marquee, if a duty electrician is included in the hire and if you and your guests have access to your own loos.

“A private house or dedicated events space is the best marquee option as you have a blank canvas”

In my opinion, a private house or dedicated events space is always the best option as you truly have a blank canvas. As gorgeous as it looks, ensure the land is flat and not subject to issues at particular seasons of the year. You also need good access, parking for guests and room for a generator.

While you should have free rein when it comes to style of marquee, do get a few quotes – cheaper is never better. In this instance, a planner will be worth their weight in gold. We offer an unbiased opinion, will undoubtedly have been there and done that, can recommend suppliers and have solutions to any problems along the planning journey.


Expert answer: Apollo Event Consultants' tips for a perfect marquee wedding
Always check the practicalities of the marquee site, including car parking and access to the site

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