Gift lists: Going bespoke with home comforts

Gift lists are your perfect opportunity to include unique and bespoke elements that reflect your personality and experiences and make a house feel like home

Gifting different – how to make wedding gift lists more exciting

One-off designer finds or auction treasures, wedding gift list options are getting way more creative – a trend that ensures unique and individual presents you will love
Choosing gifts for your bridesmaids

Choosing gifts for your bridesmaids

It's traditional for the bride to give a keepsake to bridesmaids and flowergirls who have supported them on the day. But what to choose? Here are some of our favourite picks guaranteed to please young and adult support crew
Wedding gift list: Big ticket gifting

Wedding gift list: Big ticket gifting

Adding investment pieces – and heirloom quality objects – to your wedding gift list makes perfect sense, and the specialist gift list companies make it easy for guests to go in as a group to treat you

Wedding gift list: Add a splash of British style

Every gift list has space for a few British classics – whether it’s everyday kitchenware, elegant textiles or design icons that look great in any style of home

Wedding gift lists: Gifting trends

From cash fund to time pledges, wedding gift lists – and gifting – are changing and major gift list companies are responding with innovative approaches

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