Expert answer: Prezola’s Lauren Stuckes on creating an ethical gift list

Expert answer: Prezola's Lauren Stuckes on creating an ethical gift list
Wedding gift lists can be ethical and sustainable, with lots of options to choose from, says Prezola

Absolutely Weddings’ experts answer your planning questions. Here, Lauren Stuckes of gift list company Prezola gives pointers on compiling an ethical and sustainable gift list

Q: We are concerned about sustainability and only want things on our gift list that we love and will use. Can you advise?

The rule book has been completely thrown out the window when it comes to wedding gift lists, so it doesn’t have to be full of traditional gifts. Couples should choose gifts that reflect who they are. If sustainability is a top priority, today there are plenty of options to choose from.  In fact, in response to the ever-increasing sustainability drive of couples, we have introduced a range inspired exclusively by all things eco and featuring 15 brands and over 700 sustainable, eco-friendly and stylish products.

“Forget the traditional gift list, couples should choose objects and experiences that reflect who they are”

It includes essentials, such as plastic-free coffee cups, gorgeous textiles made from recycled plastic bottles and striking artworks on recycled card. There are also more expensive items (perfect for our Group Gifting scheme), such as House of Marley’s turntables and speaker systems made from sustainable materials including bamboo, recycled bio-plastic and aluminium. They tick all boxes! Worth noting that we also wrap couples’ gifts in recyclable packaging.

Expert answer: Prezola's Lauren Stuckes on creating ethical gift lists
The Marley turntable is just one example – created with sustainable and recycled materials, it’s a great group gift

These days, couples are looking for experiential options and that, coupled with the fact that we are all more conscious now about the things we buy, is the reason we launched Social Gifting. ‘Social Promises’ from guests can be anything close to your heart, whether that’s volunteering at a chosen charity, participating in community projects or cooking you dinner.  

Lauren Stuckes is part of the team at award-winning gift list company Prezola, which offers a one-stop gift registry with over 50,000 gifts and experiences from 500 brands.


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