Be your most beautiful self: Bridal beauty trends for 2018 from Bobbi Brown

Bridal beauty trends for 2018 from Bobbi Brown
Key looks for skin in 2018 are matte and flawless or dewy and glowing, says Bobbi Brown's Hannah Martin. Image: Bobbi Brown for Jenny Packham

Bobbi Brown has long been a go-to for top designers and make-up artists. Here, the company’s Pro & Artistry Manager Hannah Martin gives her take on key trends in bridal beauty for 2018 and adds tips on how to achieve your perfect look

At Bobbi Brown, it all starts with the base, and the two leading trends for bridal skin in 2018 are flawless, matte skin and dewy, glowing skin. Some brides want to replicate the picture-perfect foundation they see on Instagram and in magazines, while others prefer something more natural – a lightweight and ethereal look. Both matte and dewy looks work well on camera.

The classic smoky eye has seen a huge resurgence in recent years, but there are still many brides who choose to have a look that frames and defines the eyes without being too bold or ‘made up’. When it comes to lips, neutral or ‘lip’ tones will always be popular, as many brides know they need a little colour but don’t want to add too much or wear anything too bold if they don’t normally. However, a bold lip is very popular among brides getting married abroad who may have a tan and be looking to wear less base make-up.


Bridal beauty trends for 2018 from Bobbi Brown
It’s always a good idea to consult a make-up artist for advice and inspiration. Bobbi Brown offer a complimentary ‘how to’ session for brides

Bobbi Brown tips on how to choose your look

I would always advise going to consult an artist for their recommendations. Bobbi Brown Cosmetics offer a complimentary ‘Bridal How To’ session where you can learn how to achieve the look you want. Even if you’re confident at make-up application, an artist may be able to help you create a more long-lasting look or guide you how on to tweak your make-up for camera. I will always advise brides to try different looks, as sometimes the colours you like from a picture in a magazine may not work so well on you. Trial and error can really help here.

If you are looking for a matte base then opt for make-up primers that aren’t too rich to avoid unwanted shine. I highly recommend Bobbi Brown Vitamin Enriched Face Base as an oil-free moisturiser that hydrates skin without leaving a greasy finish. Layer a little Skin Smoothing Pore Perfector, then finish with either Skin Foundation Stick or the Long Wear Even Finish Foundation for medium to full coverage that will look more matte. Set with either the Pale Yellow Sheer Finish Pressed Powder or Retouching Loose Powders.


Bridal beauty trends for 2018 from Bobbi Brown
Getting the right base is essential, and a hydrating layer will help to ensure longlasting, camera-ready skin. Image: Bobbi Brown for Carolina Herrera


For a more dewy finish, again hydrate the skin with the Vitamin Enriched Face Base but add a little Extra Illuminating Moisture Balm over the cheeks for beautiful luminosity. Then apply the Skin Foundation or Skin Foundation Stick but set with the Nude Finish Illuminating Powder to lock your base in place for the day while keeping the skin hydrated and creating a subtle glow. Pot Rouge and the much adored Shimmer Bricks can add to that ethereal glow. I love nothing more than a little Pale Pink Pot Rouge on the cheeks with a little Rose or Pink Quartz Shimmer brick on top.

For neutral lips, look for a lipstick that’s similar to your natural lip colour. I love Sandwash Pink and Blondie Pink but your choice will depend on your lip tone. For those looking for a pop of colour, again it totally depends on you and the look you want, but some of my favourite bridal looks have been created with Harlow Red Art Stick and Pink Guava Luxe Lip Colour.

Bridal beauty trends for 2018 from Bobbi Brown
Before the big day, keep your skin well hydrated to ensure that wedding-day glow

Bridal skincare routine ahead of the party

Keeping your skin hydrated is essential to ensure a glow on your wedding day, but if drinking lots of water isn’t quite cutting it, then try layering the Skin Moisture Solution Remedy on clean skin before your skincare. It’s packed full of sodium hyaluronate that will help bind all moisture to your skin, aiding the hydration process. I advise brides not to try anything for the first time just before their wedding in case their skin reacts badly. If you do have a horrid break out or reaction to something, then try the Skin Relief Remedy. It will reduce redness and help soothe and calm skin. The Clarifier Remedy will help keep blemishes and blackheads at bay.

Keeping skin hydrated is essential, but don’t try new products just ahead of the wedding day

Wedding-day essentials

Some absolute essentials for the wedding day itself are the Skin Foundation Stick – no SPF and amazing for touch ups throughout the day even if you used a different formula to do your base originally. The Retouching Loose Powders are bridal essentials as they not only set make-up beautifully, they also create a finish to the skin that looks retouched thanks to the super finely milled pigments. They also help colour correct the skin, with White brightening, Yellow controlling high colour and Peach adding warmth to sallow skin. The Pink also looks divine on the cheeks.


Bridal beauty trends for 2018 from Bobbi Brown
Long-wear eyeshadows are a great investment for ensuring perfect eyes. Image: @isaimages with make-up by Bobbi Brown


Long-Wear Cream Shadows and Long-Wear Cream Shadow Sticks are incredible for wedding-day make-up as they dry waterproof and don’t smudge or crease. This means you can have total confidence that your eye make-up will stay in place for the entire day – even if you cry! Eyelash curlers are also a must, as a little lift to the lashes before mascara creates a mischievous, more wide-eyed look and helps your mascara create that coveted fan effect. Pair with Long-Wear Gel Liner or Long-Wear Waterproof Liner and No Smudge mascara and you’re good to go.

If you don’t want to be touching up your lip colour, then I suggest filling in your entire lip first with lip pencil to stain the lip then follow with a wash of an Art Stick Liquid Lip for super-long staying power. Blot the lip colour then reapply for even more durability. If (like me) you prefer a more moist, hydrated looking lip, then be sure to prep your lips with Lip Balm and keep one to hand throughout the day.

About Bobbi Brown

Bobbi Brown has been a leading name in make-up since launching at Bergdorf Goodman in New York in 1991. Today it works with many brides, as well as leading bridal designers. To find out more about Bobbi Brown cosmetics and skincare products, or book a complimentary ‘how to’ session on bridal make-up at your local stockist, visit


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