Wedding hair: embrace the new wave and wear it long

Wedding hair: embrace the new wave and wear it long
Wedding hair worn long is increasingly popular, say Hari's Salon. The important thing is to embrace your tresses and relax into the new wave. Photos: Shutterstock

Even the best-tressed among us can be tied in knots over our wedding hair. But Craig Taylor of leading London hairdresser Hari’s Salons, says it’s time to relax and make your own bridal waves

It can be easy to try and do something entirely different for your wedding day, and sometimes this can mean a formal or stiff look that just isn’t you. But times are changing: “Wearing your hair long and loose is fast becoming a cool, more modern way to work wedding hair,” says Craig Taylor, creative director of London’s Hari’s Salons. “Hair that’s too stiff, too high or too tight only serves to make a bride feel like anyone other than herself”.   Craig suggests you consider leaving your hair down and explore the creative possibilities. He says: “Most of all, the long-haired among us need to unwind”.

Wedding hair: embrace the new wave and wear it long
Wedding hair worn down can still have plenty of polish. The trick is not to make it too symmetrical or stiff and ensure it has texture and shine

Seventies show

“A hairstyle worn down can still have plenty of polish. It can move, shine and flatter just as much as the most intricate of up dos,” says Craig. He suggests you take inspiration from the Seventies, when soft-textured hair with movement was all about framing the face, also beautifully complementing the cut of your clothes.

Craig says using traditional hot rollers can be a good way to achieve this shaping, but it’s important to blow-dry through hair to finish off – this loosens the curls that hot-rollers leave behind, which can be large and a bit dated.

Another trick is to keep one side of the hair back, so it’s less symmetrical. He says: “This will also keep the look modern and not too Farah Fawcett.” To keep hair in place, Craig suggests you hold the side back with a comb or slide, or fix a hidden ponytail under the back of the hair lengths.

Wedding hair: embrace the new wave and wear it long
Wedding hair with the beach blonde look is fantastic for a destination or high-summer celebration – and you can embrace the holiday vibe by adding a spritz of salt

Beach blonde

“The beach blonde look is great on a bride, and worn the right way creates a really soft and pretty effect. But do avoid the overly ‘perfect’ look,” says Craig. To keep it fresh and relaxed, try a loose centre parting and focus on hair preparation. That way it will keep its wonderful ‘Bardot’ volume and texture all day. Craig swears by hair mousse: “It’s my go-to for long-lasting body, particularly for brides with fine and silky hair.”

Depending on how ‘mermaid’ you want the look to be, you can follow the prep and blow-dry with a wand tong, gently undoing the waves once finished by using blonde dry shampoo. This is then gently tousled with fingers, until you have the finish you love. For an even more ‘fresh off the beach’ ruffled look, Craig has another secret up his sleeve: “For a bit less polish still, add a spritz of salt spray, and finish by running your fingers through the hair.”

Wedding hair: embrace the new wave and wear it long
Braids are a great way to embrace the hair-down look without having to worry that your hair will stay put. You need to ensure the plait suits both your face and the neckline of your gown

Tying the knot

If you want your hair fashionably long, plump for plaits. Craig says: “Braids are a big trend for this season, with a new-found style that’s soft rather than tight, wide rather than small.” This is a loose and laissez-faire approach to plaiting, where texture is key. But whether your plaits are worn as halos across the hairline, along the nape of the neck, or over to one side, the most important rule, says Craig, is that the shape and placement has to suit you. That’s why it’s important to have a wedding hair trial to find the right style for you that also works with the look of your gown.

Bridal hair: embrace the new wave
Ponytails have a natural look that works brilliantly with all styles of gown – you can even wear them with a tiara. Professional styling is critical to keep the look relaxed but soigné

Wedding Tails

Bridal ponytails are seeing a big resurgence – Craig believes this is because a pony gives brides so many options to work the look around her style. “This is a style that looks fabulous with tiaras, veils and accessories. It’s also great for shorter, layered hair which is hard to put up in traditional ways – and a side bonus is it gives your face a good lift by pulling the hair back and up!”

If you’re worried that a ponytail might feel too low-key, Craig has some reassurance. “Adding movement to a ponytail will instantly create a more glamorous look, while a low-side or low-slung version makes for a lovely romantic style”.

Wedding hair: embrace the new wave and wear it long
Whether you wear your hair up or down, do have a hair trial – Hari's Salons offer a hair concierge service

Book your wedding hair trial

Hari’s four London salons offer a wedding concierge service to cover all wedding trials and pre-wedding treatments. For more information, call 020 7581 5211.


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