Wedding planning: 5 tips for compiling your gift list

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The Wedding Shop’s Anne-Marie Jenkins gives the lowdown on how to get the balance right with your wedding list

Selecting your perfect gifts should be a pleasure, but with so much to choose from it can be easy to get stuck in ‘sensible mode’ and neglect to include things you would really enjoy. Anne-Marie Jenkins, managing director of The Wedding Shop gives her top five tips for getting your wedding list right.

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Alice Peto’s china features distinctive motifs – from camels to pink flamingos – and has a great range of price points

Variety is the name of the game

It is crucial to introduce variety – not only in the items that you choose, but price points. For instance, Alice Peto’s Palm Tree, Camel and Flamingo ranges of china (from £14-65) gives lots of price points and add a contemporary, upbeat feel to your table. High quality table linen is another good choice – Fringe Charcoal tablemats in pure linen (£35 for four) are both practical and elegant. As they come as a set, guests feel that they have given you something substantial. Of course, there’s scope for imaginative choices at higher price points. For instance, Richard Brendon’s Diamond Decanter (£200) or a boxed set of GioBagnara Italian leather playing cards (£202) make wonderful gifts.

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Anne-Marie Jenkins says variety is the name of the game when you are compiling your list. Everyday items such as this elegant Fringe Charcoal tablelinen set are a great choice

Do add some larger items

Anne-Marie Jenkins says it’s important to widen the scope. She says: “You would be amazed how generous friends and family can be”. For instance, a fabulous India Jane nine-light chandelier (£495) or beautiful Butterfly box artwork by Cissy Cook Designs (£895) are items to treasure and it may well be that a group of friends get together to pick you that one special gift. Anne-Marie also singles out luggage – practical and will be guaranteed to get lots of use over many years. The Wedding Shop’s smart new range of Hartmann cases (£450) is smart enough to take you anywhere.

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Luggage is a great wedding gift – practical and guaranteed to be associated with some of your happiest times. This Harmann luggage is go-anywhere smart and new to The Wedding Club

Don’t forget the heirloom objects

Some guests may want to buy you something very special to be handed down through the generations, so it is a good idea to have a few truly memorable items on the list that you would love to own but would never usually buy for yourself. For instance, a beautiful Lalique Mossi vase (£1,520) is a real heirloom piece, as are Bacccarat’s crystal Mille Nuits candleholders (from £270-£5,390).

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Adding vouchers is a great way for people to buy you experiences, rather than objects, and the choice is huge – from picnics on Caribbean beaches to Vespa tours of Rome

Add vouchers for once-in-a-lifetime experience

These make wonderful gifts for your honeymoon and there’s a great choice of experiences that some guests may prefer to gift – sure in the knowledge that these will be as memorable as an object in your home. These can match your taste and the location of your honeymoon – for instance a Vespa tour of Rome, romantic safari in Botswana or private dinner on a Caribbean beach.

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Add an insert card when you send out your invitations, so people get a good idea of your taste. Alice Peto china from The Wedding Shop

Finally, do remember to add insert cards with your wedding invitations.

It makes it so much easier for people who want to locate your wedding list if you simply add a card when you send the invitation. It is up to them if they choose to buy from the list, but all will appreciate the fact that you have made it easier for them to decide. Even if they ultimately go ‘off list’, they will have a clear idea of your taste and the things you need.

The Wedding Shop has an online gift list and London showrooms.

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