The perfect perfumes for weddings

perfect perfumes for weddings

Evoking a sense of mystery, charm and fantasy, a fragrance is the essential beauty tool that will create romantic memories. As we step into spring on National Fragrance Day, fresh florals and exotic earthiness fill the perfume aisle. Here’s our pick of the ideal perfumes for weddings..

Words by Elysia Agnew

Byredo – Gypsy Water
100ml £135
Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 09.10.01
For the natural bride… Gypsy Water is an epitome of the Romany lifestyle. The fragrance is based on the fascination with the myth. Pine needles, vanilla, pepper, fresh soil, deep forests and campfires create a dream-like scent, evoking a sense of freedom and a lifestyle close to nature. It’s the perfect scent for a summer garden wedding.


Chanel – Eau Fraiche
50ml £55

Chance Eau Fraiche EDT
Take a chance with this delightfully floral fragrance. This sparkling fresh scent, blending zesty citrus with smooth jasmine, will sweep you into a whirlwind of fantasy and passion. Your wedding day is a chance to seize the moment, and this fragrance will evoke freshness, romance, vitality and a world of surprises.


Tom Ford – Santal Blush
50ml £145
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Mesmerizing and mysterious – Santal Blush is an exotic fragrance merging creamy sandalwood and eastern spices with subtle florals, creating a glamorized version of modern earthiness. This blush coloured fusion is the perfect combination of sweet and spice and is the perfect scent to take a bride from the aisle to the dance floor.


Elie Saab – Rose Couture
50ml £52.00
LP Rose Couture 2016 - 90ml+pack_RVB Web_2000px_300dpi

Elie Saab Rose Couture is a floral fragrance symbolising our fascination with femininity. Blending a bouquet of white flowers and pink rose petals, this feminine scent is the perfect fit for a summer bride.


Creed – Royal Princess Oud
75ml £210
A fragrance for the leading lady. With this elegant House of Creed perfume, the aisle will become the trail of a Royal Princess. A captivating scent inspired by the family’s couturier legacy. Royal Princess Oud is perfect for a special occasion with its combination of rose petals, violet hues and vanilla extracts. A woody, floral fragrance symbolising rich tailoring heritage and craftsmanship.


Roja Parfums – Rose Parfum
50ml £345
roja parfums
A cool blend of Rose De Mai, Bulgarian Rose, and Rose Taif control this fresh creation. Its sweet scent is underscored by Geranium and is uplifted by Pepper, Cinnamon and Nutmeg. Rose Parfum is the true epitome of a modern rose – at one with nature, blossoming slowly to reveal it’s full beauty.


Diptyque – Eau des Sens
50ml £60

Eau des Sens is a true delight, bewildering the senses with a combination of bitter orange, angelica, patchouli and juniper berries. Like a piece of intricate music, the punchy, fruity aromas are harmonised with the zesty bitterness of the orange and the woody, spicy hints at nature.


Miller Harris – Rose Silence
50ml £65
Miller Harris Editions Rose Silence 100ml Bottle
“An intimate, thrilling moment…”
Rose Silence is a refreshing, untouchable and crisp scent, inspiring a sense of magic and fantasy. The fresh rose undertones combined with hints of sandalwood and patchouli will take you on a journey from your fresh white pillow to your fresh white wedding garment. In just one spray, this enchanting fragrance will take you from relaxation to celebration.