Wedding gifts: Off list picks for the hard-to-buy-for couple

Wedding gifts: Off list picks for the hard-to-buy-for couple
If money is no object, fly the couple to UXUA in northern Brazil. Alternatively buy a choice craft piece created by this idyllic community's skilled artisans and designers

Choosing wedding gifts for the couple who have everything, or who don’t have a gift list, can be hard work. But here are four brilliant gift ideas chosen by us to suit different couples. All of them score top marks for impeccable taste, originality and thoughtfulness

Wedding gifts can be one of the hardest of all presents to choose – especially when the couple have everything they could possibly need or have decided not to have a gift list.

Of course, there may be other reason for going ‘off list’ with wedding gifts. Maybe you are close to the couple and want to do something truly memorable. Or perhaps you prefer to always put a personal and original spin on wedding gifts you buy – in which case, you’ll be seeking out the surefire object or experience that will be remembered for its thoughtfulness.

While there are no firm rules on going ‘off list’ for wedding gifts, it is essential to focus your ideas around the couple’s taste, and the kind of gifts they are likely to really appreciate. Here are four brilliant finds to suit different couples. Each one of them combines originality with style.


Wedding gifts: Off list picks for the hard-to-buy-for couple
Unique hand-made pieces from UXUA artisans are available worldwide and make great wedding gifts

1. The Travellers – original UXUA crafts from Brazil

If money really is no object, we’d suggest flying the happy couple out to the idyllic UXUA Casa Hotel & Spa. Located in the UNESCO-protected village of Trancoso in the northern Brazilian state of Bahia, it was established as a unique holiday experience by Wilbert Das (formerly creative director of Diesel).

This elite and authentic retreat on the coast offers a slice of off-the-beaten-track life, Bahian style, and the historic casas surrounding the gorgeous main square have been lovingly restored by Das and local artisans into fabulous holiday accommodation.


Wedding gifts: Off list picks for the hard-to-buy-for couple
If a trip to Brazil is out of the question, bring a flavour of Bahia to the couple’s home. Ocean Indigo large cushion, from $250 each


If a trip to Brazil is too much of a stretch, bring a slice of Bahia into their home. The artisanship found in the village is now available to ship worldwide in a select edit of exquisite furnishings and accessories that make memorable and truly original wedding gifts.

Find out more about UXUA Casa Hotel & Spa or check out the UXUA Casa artisans collection


Wedding gifts: Off list picks for the hard-to-buy-for couple
Wedding gifts to delight the gourmets in your life: how about a trip round choice English vineyards such as award-winning Oxney in East Sussex, all organised by Best of England?

2. The Gourmets – an English vineyard journey

Champagne and Tuscany are well-trodden wine-tasting paths, but English wine is attracting fans and plaudits right now – even the champagne house of Taittinger has chosen to site a vineyard on this side of La Manche.  A well-planned tour round the heart of our wine country is a gentle and convivial way to experience some of the most stunning countryside and skilled winemakers we have to offer. This is a gift with a sparkling twist since bubbles are becoming an English speciality – so definitely a good present for couples who enjoy the finest things in life.


Wedding gifts: Off list picks for the hard-to-buy-for couple
‘Away day’ tours of English vineyards make a great wedding gift for the couple who have everything, and enjoy broadening their knowledge of award-winning wines


Tours are organised via Best of England and the full-day itinerary will typically take in three vineyards in Kent or Sussex, with tutored tastings, behind the scenes insights and a gourmet lunch. There’s no need to spit out all the wine, since pick up points are at the railway station with a designated driver and comfortable transport for the day. The tours organised by Best of England are planned on a by enquiry basis, so it’s perfectly possible to organise this as a wedding gift and let the couple choose their preferred date and wine route.

Find out more about Best of England vineyard tours.


Wedding gifts: Off list picks for the hard-to-buy-for couple
The world is in their hands – The Little Globe Co’s delightful Small World Globe is a unique heirloom piece. £550 from The Garnered


3. The Collectors – curated gifts by The Garnered

For gifts for couples who love collecting beautiful objects, head to the treasure-house of high-end designers and makers The Garnered. This retail space  was established by Anna Garner, who worked with the legendary Joseph Ettedgui (founder of British fashion house Joseph), Henri Bendel in New York and Selfridges, before turning her keen designer’s eye to the world of creativity on a small and bespoke scale.


Wedding gifts: Off list picks for the hard-to-buy-for couple
Maria Sigma’s lush hand-woven Phaedra wool throw – undyed, unbleached and made to order. £580 from The Garnered


There is a carefully curated selection of beautiful homewares – alongside gorgeous leather goods, jewellery and accessories. Our particular favourites include the exquisite miniature globes created by The Little Globe Co and the lush hand-woven wool throws made to order by Maria Sigma. You will also find stunning crystal glassware by US designer Deborah Ehrlich (from £50), candles and pot pourri by the artisan French perfume house of Mad Et Len (from £65) and handmade bowls and pizza/pâtisserie rolling pins by Dorset woodworker Alice Blogg (from £45). Many pieces are made to order, so this is treasure guaranteed to stand out from the crowd.

Find out more about wedding gifts from The Garnered.


Wedding gifts: Off list picks for the hard-to-buy-for couple
The Lucy Loft – a special room with a view and its own private hot tub at The Bermondsey Square Hotel makes a great gift to banish the post-honeymoon blues


4. The Experience Lovers – hot tub suite at Bermondsey Square Hotel

The wedding is over, the wedding gifts are unwrapped, the honeymoon tan is fading. This is when a night away is a real treat to help newlyweds get over the shock of real-life routine. A night in London might not be so unusual, but find a really unique hotel and you’re bound to impress any couple – but especially those who love one-off experiences.


Wedding gifts: Off list picks for the hard-to-buy-for couple
Wedding gifts don’t get much more romantic than a pink loft at Bermondsey Square Hotel, especially if you let the couple choose the date of their tryst


Enter The Bermondsey Square Hotel. The locale is hip, the food / ambiance are nurturing and – cherry on the cake – the Lucy Loft comes with its own private rooftop deck and capacious hot tub. This is a gift that scores highly for glamour and the kind of decadence that most of us would hesitate to buy for ourselves, but would love to receive as a treat. Gift vouchers can be bought direct from the hotel so they can pick their dates. And what’s not to love about having a hot tub built for eight people all to yourselves with views over London as the sun goes down over London?

Find out more about The Bermondsey Square Hotel.


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