Crowning glory: Team Glam tips for using wedding day hair accessories

Crowning glory: Team Glam tips for using wedding day hair accessories
The right hair accessories can be a dramatic accent that completes your wedding-day outfit, say wedding hair and beauty specialists Team Glam

Team Glam co-founder Carla Brooks says hair accessories are the perfect finish to your wedding-day look, but you have to get the styling right


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Accessories are the exclamation mark (!) of any outfit, so you need to make sure you have these covered within your bridal styling. When it comes to hair accessories – and indeed your wedding-day hair – the key is to stay true to your own personal style.

Crowning glory: Team Glam tips for using wedding day hair accessories
When you're choosing hair accessories, it's vital to start by considering what will work with your wedding gown

Start with the gown

Whether you are opting for a very glamorous look, romantic style or boho chic, there are complementary ways to wear accessories. Your bridal gown will always be the most important aspect overall.  The gown sets the style for the entire look and will naturally lend itself to a certain approach of accessorising. A very simple and fitted dress leaves you more open to making a bolder statement with accessories. If you are opting for a more relaxed or boho style, ‘less is more’ is the best approach. If a very glamorous gown is your choice, then choosing bold statement pieces is key, but don’t overload jewels and hair accessories and wear everything at once.

Choosing complementary colours is vital, so find accessories that work well with the tones of your dress. Gold accessories work especially well with warmer tones, while silver works best with cooler shades such as white and ivory. Rose gold accessories can pair beautifully with both – and they look particularly good with blush coloured gowns.

Crowning glory: Team Glam tips for using wedding day hair accessories
Consider ringing the changes by swapping a simple hair accessory for something more dramatic for the evening party

Ring the changes

One great use of hair accessories is to ring the changes during your wedding day. You can completely change your look from your daytime formalities to the party in the evening. For instance, you might opt for something really simple, elegant and delicate during the day before moving onto something more lavish for the evening. If you opt for this route, it is worth making the investment for your stylist to stay on so they can be hands-on and ready to switch things up a notch.

Also worth noting is that many designers have also created a smaller and simpler ranges of bridal hair accessories for bridesmaids. If you want your style and mood to run through your bridal party then this can look incredible on the day. At Team Glam, we have several options in different sizes that can work for both bride and bridesmaids.

Crowning glory: Team Glam tips for using wedding day hair accessories
While hair vines are topping the popularity stakes right now, pins, headbands and bridal crowns can also be a glamorous choice

How to choose?

You are spoiled for choice when it comes to selecting bridal hair accessories – from tiaras and headbands to combs and pins. Topping the popularity stakes right now is the hair vine. Perfect for a romantic look, vines are justifiably loved by brides (and stylists) because they can be manipulated into different shapes to accent any hairstyle. This year will definitely see the return of tiaras, and maybe even statement crowns; both are great options to create an elegant and classic look.

Getting the balance right when choosing your accessories is always your starting point, It’s also important to find the accessory that suits your style, rather than trying to make your hair fit round the accessory. At Team Glam, we suggest trying on lots of options before you make the investment so that you can be sure the accessory feels and looks right. At Team Glam, bridal hair accessories are bespoke and handmade by our own designer, so offer lots of options to get the look exactly right.

Crowning glory: Team Glam tips for using wedding day hair accessories
Even smaller hair accessories have lots of impact

Team Glam offers bridal hair and makeup throughout the London area, as well as internationally. To find out more about the team’s work, and bespoke range of hair accessories, visit


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