Ask the experts: Taylor & Hart on creating beautiful bespoke rings

Ask the experts: Taylor & Hart on creating beautiful bespoke rings
Bespoke specialist Taylor & Hart discusses the secrets of perfect wedding jewels

Taylor & Hart is renowned for special wedding pieces. The London jeweller’s CEO Nikolay Piriankov reveals the true love story behind its collections

Taylor & Hart was founded in 2012 after CEO Nikolay Piriankov popped the question to his now-wife. Realising how few jewellers offered a fully bespoke service, the brand was soon born. Today, Taylor & Hart has showrooms in London and New York offering couples the opportunity to be fully involved in the design process.

If you want a bespoke engagement ring, how do you start and what’s the process?

Every bespoke process starts with a design consultation. We encourage you to share all of your ideas because the possibilities are endless. We’ll explain the 4Cs and you can find what works best for you. Next, you’ll receive a render of your design and we’ll make any amendments. Once you’re happy, you’ll get the final quote. This process usually takes anywhere from a day to a couple of weeks. Then the design is made to order with the crafting process taking up to four weeks.

Ask the experts: Taylor & Hart on creating beautiful bespoke rings
Vintage is in – a beautiful Deco-style diamond ring from Taylor & Hart

Lab-grown diamonds are increasingly popular – what are their qualities and benefits?

More and more of our customers are opting for lab-grown or engineered diamonds as an optically identical alternative to earth-mined diamonds. They are created in laboratories and many believe they are more ethical. Another benefit is that they are up to 40% cheaper than their earth-grown counterparts. The choice is ultimately yours and we encourage couples to make it based on research.

What are the emerging trends in engagement rings?

Our most popular designs right now are delicate and not too ornate. Narrow bands have increased in popularity, perhaps because they stack easily and exude femininity. Round diamond solitaires may be a classic, but a lot of proposers go for more complex three-stone or vintage designs which convey a more symbolic meaning. We’re very pleased that fancy coloured gemstones are becoming ever more popular, along with 18ct yellow gold.

Ask the experts: Taylor & Hart on creating beautiful bespoke rings
Taylor & Hart offers a ruby insert inside all its rings, but even this can be personalised

What is your advice for couples looking to create their own wedding bands?

Do it together as a shared experience. A practical thing to do first is set a budget. There’s an unwritten rule to put aside 4% of the total wedding budget for the bands, but how much you spend is entirely up to you. Consider designs that work for your jobs, hobbies and lifestyle. Lastly, customise. Even plain bands have personalisation options like hand inscriptions, electrocardiographs or voice-wave engravings. All of our rings have a complimentary ruby set on the inside, but this could be any other gemstone to symbolise your relationship.

With online shopping growing, would you advise ordering bridal jewellery this way?

We advise couples to trust their intuition and not settle for anything less than their dream ring. We offer collection rings from £700, but if you prefer bespoke we’re confident that we can offer the best solution. Couples can visit one of our showrooms to discuss their ideas with an expert. We’ve recently reopened our City of London showroom for by-appointment bookings and we ensure you get the same near-live experience by booking a virtual consultation.

Face to face and virtual appointments are both available at Taylor & Hart

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