Ask the experts: Lalage Beaumont on impeccable style for mothers of the bride

Ask the experts: Lalage Beaumont on impeccable style for mothers of the bride
Lalage Beaumont offers impeccable tailoring for mothers of the bride and wedding guests

Lalage Beaumont is a go-to for luxury ready-to-wear or made-to-measure pieces with timeless elegance. Here, she reveals the secrets of impeccable wedding-day style

Lalage Beaumont is the name to know if you are shopping for any special occasion. Founded in 2004, the British designer has impeccable tailoring credentials and is known for elegant and timeless pieces, produced right here in London, that earn their place in your wardrobe long after the big event.

Can you explain the process and benefits of a made to measure outfit?

The first stage is to discuss what the customer is looking for and what the options are. Once the decision is made, we take detailed body measurements so that the special pattern can be created. We then make a toile which I fit on the customer, adjustments are made, then the outfit can then be created. The benefits are that customers can have exactly what they want, the outfit fits perfectly and there is the opportunity to have something totally unique. Any of our collection can be made to measure and with minor tweaks to the styling if required.

Ask the experts: Lalage Beaumont on impeccable style for mothers of the bride
Exclusive Italian bags are also a speciality at Lalage Beaumont’s elegant Knightsbridge boutique

How long before the wedding should you start outfit shopping?

If you are looking for made-to-measure, we really need a minimum of three months. If shopping for a ready-to-wear outfit, I would still advise shopping at least three months before the occasion. This will allow time for any alterations that might be needed and also for shoes and other accessories to be sourced. We have a wide selection of hats designed to go with the outfits and our handbag collection can often provide the perfect co-ordinating bag, but at the moment we don’t offer shoes.

What is your guidance for dressing to suit the style of wedding and choosing colours?

Simple country weddings lend themselves to a more relaxed, softer look, whereas large and more formal weddings are more suited to structured outfits – a dress-coat or long jacket over a matching dress, for instance. Regarding colours, although there are obviously seasonal trends, there are perennial favourites, including sky blue, soft grey, sapphire, pale pink and chic neutrals.

Ask the experts: Lalage Beaumont on impeccable style for mothers of the bride
Classic tailored pieces combine superb fabrics and fine details

What new trends in hats are emerging?

Hairband-style hats are very popular now and are a very good option for anyone who isn’t that comfortable in a big hat. Generally, smaller hats are coming through too but the drama of a big hat is difficult to beat if the wearer is confident.

What are the most flattering outfit choices for the mother of the bride?

I think a well-cut coat with defined shoulders, is always flattering whatever your shape. Generally, straight and neat dress shapes are chic, sophisticated and work well. Our shift dresses in raw silk start at £599 for ready-to-wear and are classic styles popular with both mother of the brides and also our business customers.

What are your thoughts on ordering occasion wear online?

An image on a website can only tell you so much. There is nothing more important than seeing and touching fabrics and trying different shapes and colours to see what suits you best. If you have no option but to buy online, consider a phone call or virtual consultation so that you can hear suggestions and learn more about the fabrics and your options. We are only too happy to help in any way we can but we do advise a boutique appointment where possible – we limit customer numbers in the store at this time to ensure our customers can shop with complete confidence.

Style appointments can happen in person or virtually

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