Such a perfect day: Alice and David

Such a perfect day: Alice and David
Alice and David's wedding was a moving affair, as they travelled in the back of a vintage Pickfords removal lorry called Susie

Such a perfect day reveals those once-in-a-lifetime moments captured at real weddings. Alice and David’s celebration became a moving event (literally), as they were VIP deliveries in a buffed and gleaming vintage Pickfords lorry

Photography: Ben Bull

A white Rolls-Royce won’t cut it if your soon-to-be’s uncle David has a prized collection of vintage vehicles. And so Alice and David set forth on their wedding day in Boreham, Essex in the back of a perfectly polished 1956 Pickfords lorry. Alice, and photographer Ben Bull, take up the story:

ALICE: There were other vehicles to choose from, but in the end David chose his favourite Susie (all the vehicles have names). David’s uncle drove us and he must have started buffing and polishing her about a week before the wedding. All our guests loved it because Susie was parked outside the church and then his uncle drove us on to the reception in the back, with a short detour to visit my horse. In the end, David and I must have been driven about four miles in her. It wasn’t the best choice for my hair, but a great way to travel. We did have to swap sides so that David sat next to the exhaust because there was black smoke when the engine started – it did cross my mind that if I sat too close I might go up in flames!

Ben: This was a photographer’s gift – setting the tone for a really individual wedding. What you can’t really grasp from the photo is just how high the back of the truck is. Alice and David had to use a ladder to climb in. I rode up in the front and was a little worried when David’s uncle first started the engine and smoke engulfed the cabin. He told me this was quite normal and she just needed to warm up. It was a fun ride, and that shows in the pictures we captured of Alice, David and Susie.

PHOTO: Ben Bull;

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