Bridal beauty: Skin boost makeovers

Bridal beauty: Skin boost makeovers
No stress skin makeovers are increasingly popular with celebrities, but also brides and wedding guests

Glowing skin is high on the wishlist for all of us. Now many brides and mothers of the bride are boosting their confidence and wedding-day glow with non-invasive makeovers. Absolutely Weddings speaks to Coco Nail Bar to find out more

Countless sessions down the gym can work on our bodies, but when it comes to jaw, frown lines and the delicate skin on our neck, décolletage and hands, the assumption is that nature must take its course. But at Coco Nail Bar, CACI and LipoFirm Pro non-surgical treatments provide a confidence-boosting fix.  Manager and CACI and LipoFirm professional specialist Mari Albuquerque says both treatments are popular with brides, mothers of the bride/groom and guests.

Bridal beauty: Skin boost makeovers
The key thing about Caci and LipoFirm is that they are non invasive and each session is quick, so easy to fit appointments round a busy schedule

High-tech toning

CACI (pronounced KC) has been around for well over two decades and uses microcurrent technology to boost skin and improve muscle tone. It can be used to condition skin too, says Mari. “We boost skin hydration, using it in combination with hydration creams and toners or with a hydro mask.” An intensive moisture boost can be of huge benefit – especially since skin becomes dryer as we age, and as a result of extremes of weather. “The treatment helps with recent anti-ageing spots and other signs of sun damage,” adds Mari.

Coco Nail Bar has treatments to manage specific areas – from the Eye Revive to reduce puffiness, dark circles and target wrinkles to the Blemish Fix that uses LED light therapy and exfoliation. Mari says the 30-minute Jowl Lift is among the salon’s most requested treatments – targeting the jawline to lift and firm facial contours and boost skin appearance. “You’ll see a difference after the first session as the skin feels lifted, but we generally recommend at least ten sessions.”

Hands are on show throughout your wedding day, so useful to know the delicate skin can also get a boost from non-invasive treatments

Radio waves

LipoFirm Pro is the salon’s other red-carpet goers’ secret weapon. Like CACI, it is non-invasive and painless, using radio frequency technology. It is hugely popular with celebrities for sculpting the body, improving skin texture (especially good for cellulite) and muscle tone. While it can be used across the body, it’s also brilliant for the face, jawline, neck and hands. “The sensation is that the skin is being heated – it feels warm and pleasant,” says Mari. “What the LipoFirm does is to make the collagen fibres in the skin contract and help cell renewal for improved skin texture.” This non-surgical facelift is great for the face – especially areas such as jawline and cheekbone.

Caci is excellent for the jawline, while LipoFirm Pro can work on the delicate skin of neck and décolletage

Bridal skin boosts

While both CACI and LipoFirm Pro are popular individually, Mari says they often combine them. For instance, CACI is excellent for the jaw line, while LipoFirm can work on the delicate skin of the neck and décolletage, reducing fine lines and plumping areas that are particularly susceptible to sun damage and other signs of wear and tear. One of the chief selling points is that these are fast treatments. Just 30 minutes on jawline and 15 minutes for neck can feel transformative, restoring a glow and tautness to skin that is a huge confidence boost, although the salon always recommends designing a programme of treatments for the best and most long-lasting results.

Even hands, which are often neglected in our beauty regime, can get a boost from these treatments. The combination of CACI and LipoFirm, including exfoliation and moisturising, works to reduce effects of sun damage, minimise wrinkles and plump the delicate skin on the backs of hands. In other words, this is great preparation for that obligatory ring-on-hand shot in the wedding photo-album.

Coco Nail Bar is at 267 Portobello Road and offers CACI and LipoFirm, Pro alongside a full range of beauty and pampering treatments.


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