How to work it: Vintage allure

How to work it: Vintage allure
Plunge necks, feature sleeves and period detailing are all included in a crop of vintage-inspired gowns. Dress by Pronovias

Vintage chic is always in style, and there’s a distinctly yesteryear flavour to these new season bridal looks, with Edwardian-style gowns featuring fitted cut, fine lace and lavish details

Runway images: Valmont Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week

Vintage can be so refined – especially when it comes to fashion. But this season after-dark glamour and old-fashioned elegance come guaranteed with a new crop of bridal gowns that take their inspiration from the ballrooms and salons of yesteryear. With elegant high collars, scooped and plunging necklines, fitted bodices, flowing feature sleeves and more than a dash of Edwardian flair in some of the finer details, these are looks for brides who want to capture timeless wedding style. Accessorise with lace and ribbon-dressed shoes, a smattering of diamonds or a sprinkling of pearls.

1. The Atelier Couture – Hourglass elegance

The Atelier’s gown is beautifully cut for an hourglass silhouette

2. Jesus Peiro – Buttoned up style

Jesus Peiro’s refined gown has neat buttons and fine lace

3. Diane Hassall – Perfect pumps

Diane Hassall’s Fleur suede heels have fine lace detailing

4. Pronovias – Vintage sweetheart

Pronovias’ gown has a sweetheart neckline and lace collar

5. Emmy London – Heavenly halo

A halo is a classic vintage detail and Emmy London’s elegant style has sparkle

6. Isabel Sanchis – Short glamour

Isabel Sanchis’ shorter length dress has an amazing flowerhead detail

7. Amelia Casablanca – Take a bow

Amelia Casablanca’s ballgown features a bold bow detail

8. Amy Henley – Red velvet

Amy Henley’s decadent bootees combine velvet and lace with a super-high heel

9. Pronovias – Sparkle on

Pronovias’ plunge gown has lots of vintage allure

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