Sandals Resorts new ‘aisle to isle’ offers endless inspiration for dream weddings

Sandals Resorts new 'aisle to isle' offers endless inspiration for dream weddings
Aisle to Isle offers endless choices and inspiration for planning your bespoke luxury wedding

Sandals Resorts and its sister Beaches Resorts are inspiring couples to dream even bigger with the glittering new ‘aisle to isle’ destination wedding service. Endless customisable options mean that your romantic celebration will be unique – in fact, it’s paradise all the way on your special day

Sandals Resorts and Beaches Resorts have long been a go-to for a luxurious destination wedding and honeymoon in the Caribbean and Bahamas, with 18 dreamy resorts to choose from on seven glorious islands. Now the launch of the Aisle to Isle destination wedding experience is inspiring couples to dream even bigger.

Aisle to Isle was designed in response to a study by Sandals Resorts and Beaches Resorts. This found that millennial couples who are planning their destination wedding want inspiration and information above all else. So, it brings together glamorous inspirations for ceremony and after party design, enhanced celebration menu and drinks options and new ceremony and reception venues. In short, Aisle to Isle offers you endless options to personalise and tailor the wedding around the elements that match your dream.

The company’s Director of Romance Marsha-Ann Brown says there is no such thing as a ‘one size fits all’ approach at Sandals and Beaches because each wedding they help plan and deliver is as unique as each couple. So Aisle to Isle showcases the infinite possibilities to put together your dream celebration. She says: “No bride wants a replica of another couple’s wedding day festivities. The ability to customise every facet of the experience, so that it truly reflects the unique personality of the individual couple and their style, is paramount”.


Sandals Resorts new 'aisle to isle' offers endless inspiration for dream weddings
From the table and flowers to menu and celebration drinks, Aisle to Isle offers a wealth of opportunities to do things your way – and an expert team are on hand to assist with every element of your memory making

Aisle to Isle inspirations

In this age of instant sharing and Instagram ‘moodboards’, couples are cherrypicking the most creative ideas that best match their style and the themes of their celebration. To help realise their unique vision, Aisle to Isle incorporates eight new inspirations influenced by the tropics, gardens, romance, passion, the islands, sophistication, nature and sand and sea. Each inspiration offers creative suggestions – everything from tablesettings and flowers to altar design. Even the small but vital finishing touches to dress the wedding and celebration spaces are part of each inspiration. Alongside these new style ideas are inspired new options for dining and celebrating in style. These include themed bars, custom-designed cocktails and expanded menu ideas to tempt you.

It’s the endless scope to add personalised dream touches that Absolutely Weddings love. From the dramatic flower-topped candelabras of the timeless ‘White Romance’ theme to the stunning floral walls of ‘Love Is In Bloom’, there is a huge range of elements that can be incorporated into your day. We have a soft spot for the ‘Caribbean Breeze’ inspiration, perfectly crystallising the spirit and romance of these idyllic tropical-island locations with its driftwood spheres and white lanterns.

In fact, the creative teams at Sandals and Beaches have dreamed up styles for every personality and ambiance of wedding – but this is far from a ‘one size fits all approach’ so whatever your whim, you are encouraged to indulge it on your wedding day. Marsha-Ann Brown says: “Our inspirations create an amazing creative spark for brides and grooms to envision their own perfect celebration… as we say, weddings should be ‘inspired by love, created by you’.’”

Sandals Resorts new 'aisle to isle' offers endless inspiration for dream weddings
New ceremony and reception options include stunning over-the-water chapels at Sandals South Coast, Jamaica (pictured) and Sandals Grande St. Lucian, Saint Lucia

Sandals and Beaches dream locations

New ceremony and reception venues are available as part of the Aisle to Isle launch, including off-site locations for exclusive photo shoots, a dedicated and newly renovated chapel at Sandals Montego Bay and the glorious new over-the-water chapels (first of their kind in the Caribbean) now located in both Saint Lucia and Jamaica. You can even transform your beach or garden wedding into a moonlit affair by hosting a twilight-timed nuptial and unity sand ceremony.


“We say that weddings should be inspired by love, created by you”

Of course, one of the biggest reasons to have a destination wedding is because it’s a golden opportunity to turn the traditional one-day affair into a dreamy few days, even a week or more. The team at Sandals and Beaches find that many brides and grooms opt for a destination wedding because of the value they place on spending more time with the people they love. The team are making planning this extended experience even easier, offering couples their own Wedding Entourage, a dedicated team of in-house experts who help with every element, from resort to ceremony and celebration locations, on-site logistics and the small but vital details that make the wedding and after party complete.

This team also have suggestions for additions that will ensure your wedding is as once-in-a-lifetime memorable for your guests as it is for you. These include welcome celebrations, bridal party spa days and groomsmen outings. The larger the party you take with you, the more you benefit as each booked room will earn you tangible rewards to put towards the celebration. For example, if 12 guests book rooms to be at your celebration you get four fabulous perks (known as ‘bells and whistles’) to choose from, adding to the fun and glamour of the party. These include elements such as a two-minute wedding video trailer a room category upgrade, a spa-themed bridal party or a $1,000 credit to put towards a group catamaran cruise.


Sandals Resorts new 'aisle to isle' offers endless inspiration for dream weddings
There are great rewards if you book a longer stay and take more friends and family with you

Memory makers

The Sandals Resorts and Beaches Resorts study found that convenience and ‘stress free’ options are also really important to couples planning a destination wedding. Here’s where the team’s expertise – and the luxury approach – really comes into its own. Whether you are taking five or 50 guests, you can expect a one-hour cocktail reception, bride and groom signature cocktail, personalised gift registry and weddings website and a whole host of choice extras, including pampering treats and a honeymoon dinner.

There are plenty of incentives to stay a little longer. Apart from the fact that Sandals and Beaches offer a slice of paradise you won’t want to leave, you’ll also earn extra rewards, be it an orchid-topped wedding cake or gift credits to put towards treats that will make your holiday even more unique.

The team are your backstop when it comes to ensuring everything goes to plan. From ensuring smooth RSVP and planning communication with guests to facilitating a wonderful stay for every member of your party, your Wedding Entourage crew are on hand to facilitate perfect memories from first to last.

With that memory making in mind, Aisle to Isle even offers greatly expanded photo and video options – including drone capture, wedding photo booth and destination photography so you are captured at some of your chosen island’s most iconic beauty spots. Or you can choose to bring along your own photographer to capture every marvellous moment. Whatever option you choose, the photo and video options will ensure the video and images live up to the unique spirit of your wedding celebration.


Sandals Resorts new 'aisle to isle' offers endless inspiration for dream weddings
Making perfect bespoke memories is what Aisle to Isle is all about


For more information about Aisle to Isle, Sandals Resorts and Beaches Resorts, visit Sandals Luxury Travel Store, 135 Fulham Road, London SW3. Or call 0800 597 0002. and


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