Engagement rings – a perfect 10 for saying ‘I DO’

Engagement rings – a perfect 10 for saying 'I DO'
Catherine Hills' perfect lilac spinel ring is a wonderful style for wearing every day

Engagement rings…our favourite subject, and since it is the season for saying ‘I DO’, here’s a round up of 10 dream designs that are most definitely keepers

Engagement rings come in every shape and size these days, so there’s no need to think your dream design has to have a classic style – in fact it’s your opportunity to do different. The point of engagement rings is that they should be special to you – just as special as the person proposing. Whatever look you choose, from glamorous garnets and pink sapphires to delicious diamonds, our choice selection are just made to be worn and loved.

1. Fenton & Co – Glorious garnet

Fenton & Co specialises in ethical coloured gemstones such as this rich red garnet

Established by Laura Lambert, Fenton & Co is a London-based ethical jeweller that champions glorious coloured gems, such as this delectable East West garnet design encircled by diamonds. You’ll find transparent pricing too. This design costs from £1,450; fentonand.co

2. Theo Fennell – Top trumpet

Theo Fennell’s Trumpet ring with diamond is a design classic

The iconic London jeweller’s diamond trumpet ring is a classic design that is just made for celebrating love. It’s shown here set with a diamond, but you’ll also find lovely coloured gems – from amethysts to peridots and tourmalines – in this setting. Diamond trumpet ring, £3,950; theofennell.com

3. Alex Monroe – Think pink

Alex Monroe’s ethical pink sapphire is encircled by a floral band

This romantic ring by Alex Monroe features an unusual pink sapphire, ethically mined and emerald cut. It is set in an ornate white gold floral band with diamond details. The ring is part of the British jeweller’s ‘one of a kind’ collection. £4,600; alexmonroe.com

4. Taylor & Hart – Diamond bright

Taylor & Hart’s bespoke designs offer endless options – and diamonds are a speciality

London jeweller Taylor & Hart specialises in crafting special bespoke pieces to match both your style and your budget. Whether it’s a stunning engagement rings with diamonds, as shown, or a dreamy coloured gem, you can co-create a special piece to symbolise your own love story. taylorandhart.com

5. Dominic Walmsley – Flower finery

This lovely flower-inspired ring is a bespoke piece by Dominic Walmsley

Bespoke jewellery specialist Dominic Walmsley created this delightful petal cluster ring for a client using a floral theme and incorporating over 2 carats of fine diamonds. POA; dominicwalmsley.com

6. Boodles – Gold blend

This triple ring with Ashoka diamonds from Boodle blends different gold tones

This Ribbons ring from Boodles a three-band design, showcasing not only its beautiful Ashoka diamonds but also the rich tones of yellow, pink and white gold, making it a wonderful heirloom piece with a contemporary stacking ring profile. £10,500; boodles.com

7. Lebrusan Studio – Diamond twist

A classic diamond solitaire with a twist from Arabel Lebrusan

This elegant twist on the classic solitaire ring features a single diamond in a yellow gold setting with gold foliage. It’s a bespoke design from the studio of Arabel Lebrusan. From £2,574; lebrusanstudio.com

8. Annoushka – Butterfly ball

Annoushka’s stack ring is a great alternative engagement piece

Annoushka’s classic diamond stack is given a nature-inspired twist with this dragonfly design, featuring glittering diamonds on an 18-carat gold band. £2,790; annoushka.com

9. Georgina Boyce – White fantastic

Georgina Boyce’s white gold diamond ring is timeless

A twist on the classic diamond solitaire, this lovely white gold engagement ring by Georgina Boyce has a stunning main diamond, supported by smaller gems. POA; georginaboyce.com

10. Catherine Hills – Romantic classic

This lovely blue spinel and diamond design is from Catherine Hills

While she is known for covetable silver jewels, Catherine Hills’ one-off engagement rings are things of beauty. This elegantly simple gold couplet design features a blue spinel with supporting diamond. Similar designs are available in blue tourmaline and lilac-hued spinel. Blue spinel and diamond ring £1,620; catherinehillsjewellery.com


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