Bridal fitness: Dance moves for fast results with Barrecore

Bridal fitness: Dance moves for fast results with Barrecore
Barrecore is fun, low impact and offers a variety of classes and one-to-one options for hitting your fitness goals

A strong, lean and feminine physique is everybody’s goal and Barrecore aims to do just that in whole-body workouts that are fun and low impact. Founder Niki Rein explains what this exercise regime can do for brides to be

Dance-based training is nothing new, but the ‘no pain, no gain’ approach of many earlier incarnations is not what Barrecore is about. Rather, it is a low-impact exercise method inspired in part by dance moves, with elements of yoga built in. Introduced to the UK by American-born Niki Rein in 2009, it has attracted passionate devotees across London and new branches outside London testify to its fast growing fan base.

Bridal fitness: Dance moves for fast results with Barrecore
Forget the burn, barrecore utilises the body or small weights to create resistance and develop a lean dancer’s body


Barrecore is designed so that you use your own body weight or small equipment for resistance. The core method combines calorie-burning moves with static stretches. It’s this combination that creates that covetable lean dancer’s body and, says Niki Rein, the benefits of the exercise can be seen after just four sessions.

“Barrecore increases metabolic rate so the benefits continue after every class – turning your body into a fat melting machine. But you will also find multiple other bonuses, including improved mood, more energy and better, more refreshing sleep.”

The focus is on building a feminine and graceful body, elongating your muscles rather than adding bulk to them. The moves – many of which take place at a barre or on a floormat – also improve flexibility and work wonders for your posture. Niki says that just two classes a week will help to transform your physique. If you have less time or want to have blitz to kickstart your regime, three or four classes a week will reap rewards in six weeks or less.

Bridal fitness: Dance moves for fast results with Barrecore
Barrecore founder Niki Rein says one of the great benefits of the regime is that results happen so quickly, with longlasting benefits such as improved sleep and reduced stress


Devotees of the Barrecore method talk about how each class boosts their fitness and how much fun they have. The atmosphere at classes is collegiate and supportive, with plenty of help and advice for newcomers, whatever their level of fitness. Exercises can also be modified – useful if you have a pre-existing injury or need time to build strength and balance for some of the more testing moves. Because the focus is on working your entire body and concentrating on specific muscle groups through repetitions and stretches, this is also great stress release because you can switch off from the pressures of the day – always a bonus for brides to be.

Bridal fitness: Dance moves for fast results with Barrecore
Side benefits of barrecore include longer and leaner muscles and improved posture – and there are options to modify exercises or build up to the more athletic moves if you have an existing injury


Niki says: “Many of our clients lead unbelievably busy lives and say that Barrecore class acts as a release that helps them get through stressful times. We certainly find that this is a regime that aids mindfulness, and with lots of options to vary classes to suit your schedule and your goals”.

Alongside the most popular mixed class, there are options to vary the regime – whether your preference is a fast HITcore class or gentler barreStretch. The team also offer one-to-one classes and specialist nutrition sessions to assist clients who have a specific goal or feel they need additional support to achieve peak fitness.

In addition to its studio classes (six locations across London and still growing), you can also sign up for online classes – one-to-one or in a group – bringing the Barrecore method into your home or office, wherever you are in the world.

  • Barrecore has six studios across London, with further branches in Alderley Edge, Bristol and Leeds. For more information, visit