Wedding flowers: An inspired woodland design for a spring celebration

Wedding flowers: An inspired woodland design for a spring celebration
For an early spring wedding, the ballroom of The Berkeley was transformed into a woodland glade by NB Flowers

Wedding flowers can set the tone of your whole event and transport your guests into a magical world. Created for an early spring wedding, this inspiring design by leading london florist NB Flowers transformed chic Knightsbridge hotel The Berkeley into an ethereal woodland glade full of lush greenery and twinkling lights

Wedding flowers are magical scene setters and can set the tone of your whole celebration. NB Flowers’ exciting brief for this early spring wedding at The Berkeley, London was to create the sensation of dining out in woodland under the stars in spring time, with nothing too contrived or perfectly matched.

What NB Flowers achieved with clever arrangement of lighting, table dressing and greenery was a lush woodland ambiance – transforming chic Knightsbridge into a fairytale world. The colour chosen scheme was pale – spring blues, whites and creams, with a few quirky flower choices in the mix.


Wedding flowers: An inspired woodland design for a spring celebration
Long banqueting tables were an inspired choice, enabling repetition in the floral arrangements to add to the drama and conjure up a magical woodland scene

Scene setting

Tall birch trees – bare of leaves to reflect the season and lit with twinkling pea lights – were ranged around this elegant reception space. These added points of light and reinforced the woodland theme.

The layout was an important factor in setting the scene. The bride had requested three long tables in banqueting style, which added the wow factor. It meant that when guests looked along the tables arrayed with candles and punctuated with greenery, the repetition in design elements heightened the dramatic effect.


Wedding flowers: An inspired woodland design for a spring celebration
The effect was of a woodland glade in early spring, with moss, bark, bulbs and jaunty seasonal flowers

The table dressing

NB Flowers placed tall fluted glass vases filled with white blossom branches at regular intervals along each table. Like the taller birch trees ranged around the room, these blossom branches were lit with pea lights to create height and impact. Blossom branches were interspersed with elegant crystal candelabra and candlesticks, reflecting the light and adding to the intimate atmosphere.

Running the entire length of each banqueting table, NB Flowers created a wonderful spring pathway effect. A meandering base of moss was punctuated with spring flowers. Some were inset to replicate spring bulbs emerging through the earth in a wooded glade. Other flowers were dotted along the table in crystal or bark-covered vessels. The bride was keen to mix formality with earthier elements, so including both refined crystal and nature-themed vessels was a  way to ensure the setting remained in balance.

Flower choices included ranunculus, narcissi, grape hyacinth, lilac, parrot tulips, mixed ferns and trailing jasmine. Finally, the team added ivy trails, bark and roots peeping out from the moss, also peppering the entire floral arrangement with candles in crystal votives.

The overall effect was stunning – a fresh and creative approach to wedding flowers that transported guests into a beautiful woodland setting right in the heart of London.


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