Expert answer: Choosing the right grooms’ suit

Fashions change, but style never does so pick your suit with that in mind

Absolutely Weddings’ experts answer your wedding questions. Here, James Cook, manager of Turnbull & Asser’s Davies Street, Mayfair store advises on how to ensure the groom looks as perfectly turned out as the bride


Q: I want to look the part, but am not very confident about choosing a formal suit or what’s involved in the process of made-to-measure. What would you advise?

A: Perhaps the key thing for grooms to remember is that fashions change, but style never dates. You want what you choose to look just as appropriate when someone looks at the photographs in 30 years’ time as it does on your wedding day. For that reason, I’d advise choosing something clean and classic that ensures you stand out but don’t overshadow the bride. A well-cut suit is appropriate for any event if you choose a darker blue or grey.

Your venue is something to consider. I recently helped a client with a classic-cut wedding suit in a multi-check, which is a little different, but his wedding and reception were being held in a barn so this worked well for the occasion. Do remember that lightweight materials may look the part if you are marrying in Italy or Dubai, but tend to look rather out-of-place in this country. Wool is comfortable and a 10 gram-weight wool – what we would describe as a year-round suit – is especially versatile. If your wedding is in high summer, you can always ask for it to be half-lined.

At Turnbull & Asser, made-to-measure suits typically take around six weeks and we also offer ready-to-wear options, however I’d advise allowing as much time as possible for peace of mind. Our made-to-measure shirts will usually take around two to three weeks – assuming that you’re happy with the sample that is made up for you to try first. I suggest investing in a good shirt because you will be spending the whole day in it, so it will need to stand up to heat and excitement. Choose a fine silk tie – something with a wool backing – so that it will stay in place and tie well, or consider a silk cravat for something a little different.

Turnbull & Asser is at 4 Davies Street, Mayfair, W1, with further stores in Jermyn Street and Bury Street, SW1.