How to work it: Period glamour

How to work it: Period glamour
Naeem Khan nails the period trend with this dramatic bridal cape

Victorian and Edwardian references are appearing in many of this season’s most striking gowns and accessories, the perfect way to be heroine of your own romantic period drama

Words Libby Norman

This season there are all sorts of references to the styles of yesteryear appearing on the catwalk and in bridal accessories. Perhaps it’s the Downton or Victoria effect, but we can’t resist an old-world swoon when we see a neatly buttoned longline jacket or modest high-necked blouse. If the gowns offer too much coverage for your taste, then do at least consider classic pearl earrings. Your grandmother would most certainly approve and they will add a touch of period glamour to a contemporary wedding day.

1. Alan Hannah – Edwardian edge

Alan Hannah’s neat hobble skirt and longline jacket have a distinctly Edwardian flavour. Image: White Gallery London

Alan Hannah adds an Edwardian twist by combining a neatly tailored long jacket with slimline ankle-length skirt. We love the addition of a jaunty wedding hat.


2. Loriblu – Skating form

Loriblu’s soft suede lace-up boots have an elegant period style

In soft pale suede, Loriblu’s lace-up boots have a Victorian skating boot flavour and a coloured sole to also give you something blue. £550;

3. Freya Rose – Period pins

Freya Rose’s glittering hairpins are perfect for adding a fin de siecle flavour

Freya Rose’s glittering hairpins are perfect for adding a fin de siècle flavour to your wedding-day hair.

4. Sweet Pea Fine Jewellery – Pearl drama

Sweet Pea Fine Jewellery’s luscious black pearls are the perfect dramatic touch

Sweetpea Jewellery’s elegant black pearl and diamond drops are the perfect refined finishing touch. £595;

5. Harriet Wilde – Blue ribbon

With its floral motif and soft shape, Peony from Harriet Wilde is a classic wedding style

Peony is a classic low heel from London shoemaker Harriet Wilde. It has a distinctly period flavour with its soft blue ribbon and flower motif. £200;


6. Sassi Holford – Victorian twist

Sassi Holford’s refined high-necked blouse and full skirt have more than a hint of Victorian style. Image: White Gallery London

Sassi Holford pairs a modest high-necked blouse with billowing sleeves to a fabulous ballgown skirt for a touch of Victorian cool.

7. Charlotte Olympia – Lace majesty

These gorgeous boots from Charlotte Olympia feature neat buttons and lace

With a court shaped toe and luscious lace to form a Victorian-style ankle boot, the ivory Colombina from Charlotte Olympia ticks all boxes for irresistible period glamour; POA.

8. Naeem Khan – Caped heroine

Naeem Khan’s gorgeous transparent cape with oversized ribbon tie is the perfect way to make an entrance. Image: New York Bridal Fashion Week

Naeem Khan’s bridal cape is the perfect way to make an entrance with its wonderful ruffled collar and oversized bow at the neck. A great alternative to a bridal veil, it is in a gorgeous translucent fabric, cut lower at the back to form a train effect while still revealing the gown underneath. Naeem Khan’s UK stockist is The Wedding Club.






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