Such a perfect day: Abi and Tom

Such a perfect day: Abi and Tom
When the light was right, the wedding party were moved into position by teleporter for this classic wedding shot

For many couples there’s a very special shot they want for the album, and in Abi and Tom’s case, this required a tractor, teleporter, straw bales and an extremely game wedding party

Photography: Ben Bull

Like wedding cake and confetti, group shots are standard issue at weddings and – in most cases – they are lovely memories of who was who, but somewhat lacking in excitement. But at the wedding of Abi and Tom, there was a plan – Tom’s – to do something different. With plenty of farmland and straw bales to execute his idea, and a wedding party who were ready to join in the fun, the result was a shot that is guaranteed to be a talking point down the generations. Photographer Ben Bull takes up the story.

Such a perfect day: Abi and Tom
Tom had straw bales and a plan, and Abi and the wedding party were willing

Ben Bull: I think Tom may have seen a shot on social media that inspired him, but he told me his plan and then we had to work out logistics. Most importantly, we needed the straw bales that were ready in his barn somewhere that would capture the evening sun. We also needed to site this well away from the wedding, just in case any guests decided to go for a climb. We agreed the site, he put it in the perfect spot and then when the light was right the wedding party got into place with the help of the tractor. Everyone was ready and willing, never mind the wedding finery, and the result is an absolute classic for the album. I also managed to capture few lovely pictures of Abi and Tom standing on top of their straw bale installation just as the sun went down.

“Everyone was willing, and got into place with the help of the tractor. The result is a classic for the photoalbum”

Such a perfect day: Abi and Tom
The perfect couple shot, on a straw bale mountain as the sun went down


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