Personalise your confetti with Shropshire Petals

Personalise your confetti with Shropshire Petals
Shropshire Petals' new personalised flower petal confetti cones let you match colours and designs to your wedding theme

Shropshire Petals has introduced a new range of personalised confetti cones, enabling you to choose a design to match your wedding colours and theme

Biodegradable is definitely the way to go with confetti, and insisted upon by many venues that don’t want plastic or foil to clear up. So it is great news that Shropshire Petals has upped the ante with a great selection of personalised cones that can reinforce your wedding-day branding and give you a clear conscience about the impact of the traditional wedding day shower of confetti.

Personalise your confetti with Shropshire Petals
You can add name, date and personalise the colour and design with Shropshire Petals


Themes of the cones include music, watercolour and coastal, alongside fairytale, stag horns and stripes, so lots of choice whatever your style of wedding. You can add your names and wedding date to the cones and most also enable you to change background colour or choose a custom colour to match your scheme. You can view your custom design before you buy to check that it is going to work. We love the cones, which can be added to the party favours you hand out to guests. Alternatively, they can be displayed in one of Shropshire Petals’ boxes (holding 25 cones) or in a Bo-Peep Basket for a more rustic look.

Some couples are choosing to hang cones from chairs at the ceremony so guests get into the spirit of the celebration and be ready to shower you with love. You can order confetti samples for free if you want to see the petals up close and select the perfect colour blend.

Personalise your confetti with Shropshire Petals
Shropshire Petals’ cone boxes hold 25 cones, or you can opt to display them in a basket or even hang individual cones on the back of guests’ chairs


All the flower petals are grown by Shropshire Petals – with lovely mixes of traditional cottage-garden and bee-friendly blooms such as calendula, delphinium and cornflowers. After harvesting, they are simply dried to remove moisture (no dyes or additives are in the mix), enabling safe storage and the perfect wedding-day shower of confetti.

For more information and to order samples of different petals, visit


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