Something old, something new with Jorie jewellery

Something old, something new with Jorie jewellery

Jorie offers contemporary jewellery pieces that revive a time-honoured Scottish tradition

Scottish through and through, the Jorie collection is inspired by the Highliands landscape

[dropcap]J[/dropcap]orie Grassie has revived Scottish tradition with her debut Jorie jewellery Cullachy Collection. The American-born designer lives on the Culachy Estate in Fort Augustus, Highlands with her Scottish-born husband and four sons and was inspired by both the organic beauty of stag tusks and the longstanding craft of using them to create jewellery and mementoes.

Designer Jorie Grassie – who lives on the Culachy Estate with her husband and four sons – has revived a time-honoured tradition in the creation of her Culachy Collection of jewellery

There is a royal precedent for using this unusual material. Prince Albert commisioned special pieces made from deer tusks for Queen Victoria – perhaps inspired by the longstanding passion for creating jewellery and amulets from stag teeth in his native Germany, and most certainly celebrating the couple’s shared love of their romantic Scottish home.

While it may revive a centuries-old old tradition, the new Jorie collection is contemporary, blending the organic shapes of tusks with chunky tumble-cut precious stones, including diamonds, peridots, garnets and tanzanites. Jorie, who is a keen conservationist and has lived in the Highlands for almost two decades, works to express particular features of the Scottish landscape in many of her pieces.

Jorie’s pieces blend polished tusks with fine gemstones to create unusual and highly individual fine jewellery pieces

The deer tusks are a natural by product of the land management that takes place throughout Scotland’s estates, with selective culling taking place in order to preserve both the natural environment and the health of a red deer population that now lacks any natural predators (Scotland was once also home to bear, wolves and lynx).

N 123 Boho Daisy Flower Ring 2
This fabulous boho Water Lily ring is inlaid with small diamonds and features a spectacular tumble cut peridot as its central stone

Many Jorie pieces are inlaid with fine diamonds – glittering focal points that highlight the opalescent quality of the polished tusks. Alongside earrings, necklaces, brooches and rings there are some lovely chunky cuffs. You will even find unusual bejewelled deer tusk cufflinks in the mix, standout pieces that would make a perfect gift for the groom.

Lady Falls, a cuff-style bracelet featuring diamond-encrusted bar and scattered diamonds

This debut collection is available to order direct from Jorie. You can also commission a bespoke piece including a particular gemstone or metal.

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