Expert answer: How do we assess the pricing of wedding suppliers?

Expert answer: How do we assess the pricing of wedding suppliers?
Bernadette Chapman says that on-the-day attendance is just one aspect of what a wedding photographer does

Absolutely Weddings’ experts answer your planning questions. Here, Bernadette Chapman of the UK Alliance of Wedding Planners (UKAWP) advises on understanding what you are paying for when it comes to wedding suppliers – and how to ensure a smooth relationship

Q: We are not sure about the pricing of different suppliers, why we pay certain costs and how to know what to expect?

It can be difficult for couples to know exactly what they are paying for, so to clear up any confusion, here are a few key examples of different elements and what you are actually paying for. With wedding planners, you are not paying for their time as much as their experience, knowledge, contacts and logistical knowhow. Caterers are another extremely important decision for a couple. As well as preparing delicious foods that keep your and your guests satisfied, their fee is made up of extras like staff, table linen, equipment and so on.

Expert answer: How do we assess the pricing of wedding suppliers?
Openness and transparency is the key to a wedding day that goes to plan, says Bernadette Chapman

One pricing structure that often confuses couples is photographers. The time they spend photographing your entire day is one element. An equally vital part of their role is in the photo editing, which can take days. Here, again, you are paying for their professional skill as well as the tools required to deliver your end product – magical photos.

“It’s not just time on the day, but experience and knowhow – as well as the skills and tools to deliver a magical end product”

With all potential suppliers, do ask questions. If you haven’t been given a contract then request one and make sure you read it. In particular, you should be checking payment and cancellation terms. Ensure you have in writing from the supplier exactly what they will deliver. Openness and clarity are the ways to avoid confusion and ensure a happy outcome.

Bernadette Chapman is founder of the UK Alliance of Wedding Planners (UKAWP), which works to promote professionalism, excellence and ethics.


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