Expert answer: We’d like to hire a classic car for our wedding

Expert answer: We'd like to hire a classic car for our wedding
From cute Camper vans to an American muscle car, there's an iconic style to suit all weddings

Absolutely Weddings’ experts answer your wedding planning questions. Here, the head of BookAclassic Claus Stig Christensen discusses the practicalities of hiring a classic car for your wedding day

Q: I want to surprise my partner with a really unusual wedding car. What are my choices and what about insurance?

A: We offer classic vehicles of all varieties and sizes. In the UK, the Ford Mustang has been particularly popular recently. American ‘muscle’ cars such as Chevrolet Impala, Dodge Charger and Ford Mustang have also seen a dramatic increase in popularity. We clearly see different trends, and this has been the year of US cars.


Expert answer: We'd like to hire a classic car for our wedding
About a quarter of BookAclassic vehicles are self-drive – so you can get behind the wheel of a classic car if you choose


For something different, Fiat 500 and classic Volkswagen vans are popular. Wedding couples don’t seem to care that there is less than no space in a Fiat 500 for a wedding dress and two or three people – it’s just part of the fun! Couples are also hiring iconic London taxis, Golf GTIs – even big American trucks and real fire trucks. They are monsters but certainly impress guests when you turn up at the ceremony.

“We see different trends among couples – and this has definitely been the year of the American car”

Around 25 per cent of the cars we offer are available as self-drive. These tend to be rare or valuable models but the owners have special insurance. Other cars in our collection are chauffeured, so you can sit back, enjoy champagne and know that a skilled driver is behind the wheel.

Expert answer: We'd like to hire a classic car for our wedding
Cute vehicles are also popular among many couples – even if it’s a squeeze to get the wedding dress in the car

Claus Stig Christensen is CEO of BookAclassic, which specialises in iconic and unusual vehicle hire. For more information about its range of classic transport options for wedding celebrations, visit


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