Creative wedding stationery

Creative wedding stationery is not only a pleasure to receive, but also a great way to express your personality and set the tone of your whole wedding celebration. Wedding stationer Ananya highlights the key elements that will set your invitation apart

That moment your wedding invitation lands on the hallway mat is an exciting one for guests, giving the first glimpse of the style of wedding to come. While invitations need to inform, this is also a golden opportunity to use imagination and express your personality as a couple. Your wedding stationery also sets the tone of the celebration to come and that means you can be as creative with paper as you are with the rest of your wedding planning. Here are expert tips from wedding and event specialist stationers Ananya for ensuring yours is an invitation that takes pride of place on the mantelpiece.

A personal monogram adds flair – you can even create a unique font for your stationery

Personal monogram and font

Monograms are an excellent way to add an extra flourish of individuality. They can be adapted for use in a variety of ways, while remaining unique to you. While the colour scheme can change, the monogram can be imaginatively interwoven, giving continuity and harmony. Traditionally monograms used initials, but nowadays symbols, flowers and animals are also being incorporated. The beauty of monograms is that their use is not limited – once the wedding has taken place, the monogram can be adapted for other uses, from branding personal stationery to towels, linens and even Christmas baubles. You can also add your own personal font – there are literally thousands to choose from, or you can get one designed specifically for you to add the ultimate personal touch.

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The first glimpse of the excitement to come is your envelope, so continue the invitation design theme through colours and decorative linings

Bespoke envelopes

Envelope liners add an extra level of personalisation. Using patterns, solid colour or glitter paper to co-ordinate the envelope lining with the invitation design adds an extra dimension and accent. Coloured envelopes can also be paired with the card to give invitations a harmonious, dressed up look. Linen, textured, metallic, pearlescent and wood grain envelope papers can also be a wonderful choice, making the invitation wrapping tactile as well as visually appealing.

There are special printing techniques, from foiling to engraving, that will give your stationery standout appeal. Photo: Kate Nielen

Specialist printing

The printing technique you use adds its own distinct flavour to the stationery and it is a good idea to get advice from your stationer on the effects that are possible and most suited to your overall theme. While digital printing is ideal for personalised designs and short runs (and if you need a quick turnaround), lithography is the specialist technique used in most fine printing and gives a very clean image. There are many other options to add style, including foiling to add a metallic edge to the invitation, die stamping to create raised print and engraving for richness and luxury. Explore your options at early design stage so that you ensure a real creative edge.


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A good quality paper stock is worth the investment – be creative on the shape of invitations to add a further personal touch

High-quality card stock

Having a heavy card stock weight, 600gsm or above, gives a tangible sense of quality to the invitation. Once you have chosen your weight, consider doing different with non-standard invitation sizes such as long, round or square. You can even mix the sizes within the suite of stationery. There are a multitude of choices of paper finish – from rustic kraft to classic linen to glamorous pearlescent – that will ensure the finished invitation looks in keeping with your wedding themes.

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It’s a good idea to include a variety of inserts, so you get the information you need and guests know what to expect

Inserts and information

Invitations should be decorative and informative, so it’s a good idea to include inserts that will help with your planning and give guests additional information – they will appreciate your thoughtfulness. We recommend you consider adding an RSVP card and stamped addressed envelope; a reception card if the locations of wedding and reception are different; a map and directions, plus an accommodation card if required. It’s also a good idea to include an insert with menu options to ensure that those with dietary needs/preferences are accommodated. If the inserts are too much for an envelope, you could consider a bespoke option such as a specially designed wedding box.

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It’s the quirky extras that can turn a good invitation into something truly memorable – so be adventurous and have fun with your themes

Quirky extras

Gone are the days when couples stuck rigidly to tradition. There are numerous examples of creativity from the couples we’ve worked with – from invitations that double as drinks coasters to save-the-date cards designed in the style of luggage tags to adding a bespoke social media hashtag or including a DJ request card so guests add a song to the playlist when they RSVP. And don’t forget the final flourishes; while Swarovski crystals, pearls, flowers and ribbons are popular, there are a huge number of options. Be adventurous and seek out that quirky extra that will turn a good invitation into something truly outstanding.

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