Cool bridal jewels for guaranteed glamour

Cool bridal jewels for guaranteed glamour
Carrie Elizabeth's statement labradorite vermeil earrings are a wonderful foil to an off-the-shoulder gown

Our pick of beautiful bridal jewels, including on-trend luminous sparklers and classic and modern pearls, will add glamour to your wedding-day look

Bridal jewels are the quickest way to add glamour to your wedding-day look – also introducing a flash of colour and sparkle to enliven white or neutral outfits. From on-trend pearls to luminous choices in gold and topaz, we’ve chosen favourite bridal jewels to suit every style of celebration and outfit.

Astley Clarke

Cool bridal jewels
Astley Clarke’s drop earrings feature sapphires and shells

Luna Abalone drop earrings from Astley Clarke are set on silver and feature an iridescent shell slice surrounded by white sapphires. £125;

Kiki McDonough

Cool bridal jewels
Kiki McDonough’s stunning drops are studded with diamonds

These sumptuous 18-carat gold pavé drop earrings studded with diamonds are from the lace collection, inspired by an heirloom passed down to Kiki McDonough by her grandmother. £2,600;

Lebrusan Studio

Cool bridal jewels
These lovely heart motif earrings are perfect bridal jewels by Lebrusan Studio

These 18-carat white gold hearts with diamonds are created at the studio of ethical jeweller Arabel Lebrusan, who offers both collection and bespoke jewellery pieces perfect for weddings. £975;


Cool bridal jewels
Boodles’ heirloom earrings have pear drops

In tune with this season’s passion for all things nature related, Boodles’ white gold pavé pear drop earrings are heirloom pieces from the gorgeous Orchard collection £9.500;

Plax Jewellery

Cool bridal jewels
A modern take on pearls, Plax’ Tahitian treasures are studded with diamonds

These gorgeous Galaxie Enigma white gold earrings feature Tahitian pearls studded with diamonds for a cosmic glow. £3,250;


Cool bridal jewels
Classic hoops with a twist by Annoushka make perfect bridal jewels

Elegant rose gold hoops by London jeweller Annoushka are dressed with fine pearls, updating a classic bridal earring. £1,790;

Georg Jensen

Cool bridal jewels
Cool Scandinavian classics with topaz by Georg Jensen

Savannah sterling silver earhooks from the cool Scandinavian design house of Georg Jensen feature beautiful blue topaz stones. £575;

Dominic Walmsley

Cool bridal jewels
Dominic Walmsley’s Meteor studs are in white gold with diamonds

Meteor stud earrings offer a subtle sparkle as they are inset with different coloured diamonds on a textured and hand finished white-gold base. Also available in yellow or rose gold. £495;

Bee Goddess

Cool bridal jewels
Perfect star earrings by Bee Goddess

These Venus Star earrings inspired by love and hope feature diamonds on a rose gold star. Sold as a pair, they are part of a mythology-inspired collection by London designer Ece Sirin £4,760;

Carrie Elizabeth

Cool bridal jewels
Carrie Elizabeth’s labradorite drops add drama

Statement 14-carat gold vermeil drop earrings feature labradorite stones, adding a touch of marine blue-green iridescence to your outfit – perfect for drama at after-dark or destination parties. £160;


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