Bridal trend: 15 shades of grey

Bridal trend: 15 shades of grey

From silver tones to rich smoke hues, grey is appearing in many bridal collections this season. And, whether you choose it as a shimmering accent or sultry alternative to white, grey can be a smart choice for the bride who wants to make a style statement

Bridal trend: 15 shades of grey
Cymbeline catwalk show at Barcelona Bridal Week

[dropcap]G[/dropcap]rey doesn’t always get a good press – and is not a colour we associate with bridalwear – but its potential for wedding gowns is being explored for the coming season. In fact, softer dove hues have already been used by some designers – notably Naomi Neoh in London, who included a beautiful formal gown (Juniper) in her 2016 collection.

Grey encompasses everything from frosty silver and metal through pale violet-greys and soft marine shades right down to rich smoke and charcoal hues. It can be incredibly flattering – fabulous on a redhead and luminous against darker skin tones, especially when designers explore its pearl-like and opalescent potential. So if you need persuading, here are 15 looks from the catwalks of Barcelona Bridal Week to inspire you – and our thanks to E.L. James for inspiring our train of thought!

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Two-tone: Justin Alexander opted for a two-tone effect with this elegant gown – here the effect is very subtle, but adds movement and an opalescent effect


Justin Alexander opted for a very subtle two-tone effect with this elegant gown designed on classic lines. The silvery trim of the bodice and lovely graphic fabric used for the skirt created an almost opalescent effect that looked fabulous under the stage lights at Barcelona Bridal Week.

Pure contrast

From the front, the sleek lines of this pure white Pronovias gown, shown at Barcelona Bridal Week, could not be simpler or more understated. But from the back, it was a whole different story with a stunning metallic detail running from the shoulder line to below the waist.


jordidalmau_057 copy
Flower power: Jordi Dalmau created a tailored bodice featuring silvery grey and black flowers, contrasting this with a ruffled white tulle skirt

Flower power

At Barcelona Bridal Week, Jordi Dalmau got into the swing of the grey trend with this unusual take on the ballgown. The tailored floral bodice with angled neckline, single sleeve and pure white cuff was combined with a frou-frou tulle skirt. In fact, combining ballgown skirts with fitted bodices – even biker jackets – was a key theme of her collection for 2017.


Colour wash

Creating an almost painterly effect, these two shimmering gowns from the Naeem Khan catwalk show at Barcelona Bridal Week blended tones from white and silver to blue and grey. We loved the plunge-neck gown (left) for its elegant line and scattered petal effect on the skirt.


YolanCris 3
Chain reaction: YolanCris introduced glittering metallics to the neckline of this short wedding gown

Chain reaction

We love Barcelona bridal label YolanCris for its clever incorporation of bohemian, romantic and fluid disco detailing into wedding gowns. This short and decidedly edgy gown from the 2017 collection featured glittering metallic chains at the neckline, along with frills and feathers on the skirt. Just the thing if you want to be a rock ‘n roll bride.


Blue mood

At Barcelona Bridal Week, Matilde Cano showed a delicate floral print – reminiscent of Japanese screen prints – featuring delicate pinks and greys – topped with a pretty blue lace panel. We loved the repeat of the lace panel on the arms and the delicate bell sleeves falling to below the wrist.


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Sparkle factor: Isabel Sanchis included an incredible flowing gown in her collection

Sparkle factor

Isabel Sanchis added drama to her catwalk show at Barcelona with this flowing A-line gown. Knee length at the front and sweeping the floor behind to create a dramatic train effect, it also had plenty of sparkle with its textured, mirror-effect pattern. We also loved the combination of silver and peach tones, used for the gown’s inner lining and floral headdress.

Soft touch

Tenerife-based design duo Marco & Maria (M&M) – known for their romantic and fairytale gowns – showed choice options blending soft tones of grey and marine blues and greens. The short gown (left) had a flattering fairy-wing effect at the shoulders, while the full-length gown had a daring transparent bodice and glorious ruffled skirt.

Period style

Party and occasion fashion house Sona Peña (left) opted for classic period glamour with this romantic full-length gown in iridescent hues of grey, topping it with a matching wide-brimmed hat. Isabel Sanchis (right) also captured the spirit of grand balls and masques with a fabulous full-skirted gown, although the plunge neck and textured metallic fabric struck a contemporary note.

Bridal trend: 15 shades of grey
Fringe effect: Isabel Zapardiez went for an edgy bridal look with this fringed top and trousers

Fringe effect

Offering some edgy and witty takes on bridal and occasion wear, Isabel Zapardiez included these smart bridal pants in her collection at Barcelona Bridal Week. These were paired with a chic grey and black leaf-patterned bodice with fringe. Not every bride would opt for a beret, but it added a jaunty flourish on the catwalk. Indeed, hats were big news at her show – many with Daliesque veils that featured oversized flowers and blocked out the models’ features.

Bridal trend: 15 shades of grey
Glitter bug: Naeem Khan showed a fabulous flapper-style dress in shimmering silver grey

Glitter bug

Naeem Khan‘s glorious flapper-style dress of shimmering silver grey looked fabulous on the catwalk and we also loved the bold necklace and earrings that finished off this outfit. Khan – who also specialises in red-carpet gowns – is definitely a designer to check out if you are looking for a bridal mini because he always packs a lot of style into a shorter length.

9a cymbeline_0063 copy
Smouldering glamour: Cymbeline showed the full romantic potential of grey with this smoky number with beautiful fluid skirt

Smouldering glamour

Finally, one of our favourite grey numbers from Barcelona Bridal Week was this lovely smokey gown from Cymbeline. The rich tones of the fluid skirt – shot through with inky violet – were paired with a simple bodice and neat lace top. The overall effect was one of pure glamour. Definitely worth considering if you want to smoulder down that aisle.

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