Well groomed – how to add colour on your wedding day

Well groomed – how to add colour on your wedding day
Cut a dash with our round up of smart ways to add colour on your wedding day. Suits by Ted Baker

From full-on dandy to romantic floral accessories, this season it’s all about adding colour to your wedding-day look

This season’s suits and accessories are designed to nurture your inner dandy. Not only will you find lots of flattering colour options, but designers are also adding romantic floral top-notes through accessories – Ted Baker even has a decadent floral jacket for grooms who want bloom.

It’s all part of a trend towards more relaxed and dapper wedding-day dressing – which has to be good news for anyone looking for something a little more individual than the standard dark suit. Of course, formals are still being worn – in fact there’s a strong trend towards classic DJs for day-to-evening glamour – but for daywear, your options expand to stripes, soft colours and sharp cut. 

Well groomed – how to add colour on your wedding day
Using colour, however subtle is a great way to soften the contrast between white and dark

Don’t forget the impact of shoes. A contrast shoe introduces a point of difference that makes a suit look less formal and a little more edgy. This is also an easy way to anchor your look, as you can pick out the same shade as your shoe in other accessories.  

1. Ted Baker – Suiting the dandy

Ted Baker’s floral jacket is full on dandy

2. Crockett & Jones – Soft shoe elegance

Crockett & Jones soft blue loafer updates a classic

3. Alice Made This – Top shine

Alice Made This cufflinks introduce a subtle texture and colour pop

4. Seven Feet Apart – Sneaker cheats

The look of a brogue, but Pioneer 396 shoes are engineered for sneaker comfort

5. Amara – Design classic

This Georg Jensen chronograph from Amara is a design classic

6. Turnbull & Asser – Floral finery

In fine silk, Turnbull & Asser’s pocket squares are perfect for wiping away tears of joy

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