How to work it: Bridal Queen

How to work it: Bridal Queen
The Bridal Queen trend is your perfect excuse to add regal glamour to your wedding-day ensemble. Gown by Jesús Peiró

The bridal queen trend is an opportunity to channel your most regal self, with gowns, shoes and jewels featuring luxurious materials and gilded and crown motifs

Words Libby Norman

Every bride is queen of her wedding day, but this season designers are offering subtle and not so subtle ways to reinforce your ruling status. There are glorious crown motifs on gowns, plus stunning glittering embellishments to add majesty and a sense of occasion. If you would rather display your regal credentials on accessories ma’am, then may we humbly suggest a crown-motif jewel or tiara-encrusted pair of heels.

1. Sassi Holford – Golden queen

Sassi Holford’s sumptuous ballgown in exquisite textured gold is the perfect regal gown to accessorise with a tiara

2. Giovanni Raspini – Crown jewels

Giovanni’s silver collection featuring crowns is perfect for dressing up your wedding-day ensemble

3. Matilde Cano – Gilded beauty

Matilde Cano took to the runways at Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week with a pure white gown featuring gilded crown motifs

4. Sophia Webster – If the shoe fits

Sophia Webster’s Royalty sandal features a tiara on the toe

5. Jesús Peiró – Fairy story

Jesús Peiró’s shimmering gown topped with a jaunty crown lit up the runway at Barcelona

6. Annoushka – Love tokens

Annoushka’s Crown rings can be worn singly or stacked and feature a variety of gemstones, including rubies and sapphires

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