Rosa Clará – silver anniversary interview

Rosa Clará – silver anniversary interview
Eden, a classic and timeless gown from the Rosa Clará 2021 Couture collection

Rosa Clará remains a go-to for the ultimate dress, 25 years after it was established. We talk to its founder about what makes the brand unique and what’s coming next…

Interview Libby Norman

Rosa Clará has hit a silver milestone, but the brand remains as fresh as it did when it was founded 25 years ago. At the end of this anniversary year, we speak exclusively to founding designer Rosa Clará Pallarès about the brand signature and its future plans.

Rosa Clará – silver anniversary interview
The Couture collection is about architectural lines and simplicity

You are celebrating 25 years at the forefront of bridal fashion, when you look back what have been the biggest changes and what things remain the same?

There have been many changes. The online world has made fashion available to many people and this was unthinkable few years ago. Now brides have a culture in fashion that did not exist before. However, the main change is in the age. When we started, the typical bride was 23 or 24 years old at most. They were girls who came to try on dresses accompanied by their family, which greatly influenced them. Today, brides get married from the age of 30 – they know exactly what they want and make decisions for themselves.

Agata, a gown from the latest Boheme collection

While seasonal trends may shift, I’ve often heard it said that you can always spot a Rosa Clará gown. How would you describe the ‘signature’ of your brand?

A wedding dress has to stand the test of time, it must have a classic point, even if it innovates in neckline or details. Our collections have an impeccable pattern; we use the best fabrics and innovation is constant. Design, craftsmanship and quality are the DNA of the brand.

A wedding dress has to stand the test of time but innovation is constant – design, craftsmanship and quality are the DNA of the brand”

The main collection is all about contemporary dresses in fine fabrics

Over time, Rosa Clará has developed distinct collections to match different styles of bride and wedding – could you outline the key design elements of the four collections this season?

Modern architecture inspires the Rosa Clará Couture haute couture collection, with designs that keep to its ‘less is more’ concept. Simple lines, and exceptional fabrics such as silk satin, the angel skin, crepe, georgette, Italian cloque and flocked plumetti tulle, define a sophisticated and romantic collection. The Rosa Clará line combines minimalism and sensuality in contemporary dresses that enhance the silhouette and faithfully represent the essence of the brand. Ethereal and delicate, Rosa Clará Soft also does not forget sensuality through muslin silk dresses with unexpected slits in the skirt. For a wedding in nature, Rosa Clará Bohème offers designs with artisanal details and Provencal lace bodies that represent a luxurious and delicate boho style – it’s a Rosa Clará style of boho.

“Being able to listen to so many brides with different styles and cultures has allowed us to create collections designed and created around each one of them”

Cocktail collections are popular with mothers of the bride, guests and many celebrities

You also have Rosa Clará Cocktail, which is very popular with mothers of the bride and guests as well as glamorous celebrities. What is the inspiration behind these dresses and separates?

One of the main goals is to make women more beautiful and suit their needs. As with our bridal collections, in our cocktail line we have a wide variety of styles, silhouettes and cuts aimed at women of all ages. Our constant is to always use the best fabrics, and we are continually researching and looking for new options and trends every season.

Halia from the Soft collection – a line with sensual and lightweight fabrics that is perfect for destination brides

You are now a major presence in 80 countries. How have the many different brides and global bridal traditions you work with influenced the design of your collections?

They influence us a lot. Being present in so many countries and being able to listen to so many brides with different styles and cultures has allowed us to create collections designed and created around each one of them. In Rosa Clará you will not find a similar design, and this is thanks to them Brides are our main source of inspiration.

Rosa Clará – silver anniversary interview
Drawing on the talents of Barcelona’s wedding industry remains central

Your HQ remains Barcelona, a city that is widely considered the ‘world capital of bridal’. What does being in bridal’s heart mean in terms of bridal talent, access to world markets and inspiration?

In our case, constant innovation and being able to reinvent and adapt ourselves in every situation has played a very important role in our brand. We also have a product whose bases are craftsmanship, quality, and design. ‘Made in Spain’ provides a seal of quality. In Barcelona, there is a long tradition in textiles and this quality is recognised internationally.

The Mayfair flagship joins a growing collection of standalone stores where brides can explore the full collection of gowns, cocktail wear and accessories

You now have a wonderful Rosa Clará store here in Mayfair where brides can see all your collections, alongside exclusive bridal accessories. Could you describe how the experience works for brides visiting one of your boutiques to choose a dress?

The experience is the same in all our stores. It is a unique experience since it is about finding the most important dress of your life. I always tell brides to listen to our professional advisors.

Rosa Clará – silver anniversary interview
Rosa Clará Pallares now works with her son Daniel

Finally, having reached an amazing 25-year milestone, can you share any of Rosa Clará’s plans for the upcoming seasons?

The bridal fashion industry is a constant challenge. To keep Rosa Clará the innovative brand it is, we must constantly contribute new ideas that position us first. On top of this, we also need to grow the brand in markets where we are already recognised. Above all, the incorporation of my son Daniel into the business project is something that makes me especially excited. He is well prepared, so that makes me think that he can do it much better than me.

Rosa Clará Mayfair store is located in Woodstock Street, W2

Rosa Clará

The Rosa Clará London flagship is at 17 Woodstock Street, W2. For information about stores and stockists, visit


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