Flower story – meet floral stylist Juliet Glaves

Flower story – meet floral stylist Juliet Glaves
Juliet Glaves works with the best – including designers such as Temperley London

Juliet Glaves’ iconic floral creations play a star role in fashion, films, red-carpet events and also at weddings. We find out more about her inspiration and her passion for real flowers grown here

You may not think you know Juliet Glaves’ work, but you almost certainly do if you’ve ever admired one of Temperley London’s lush flower crowns, always a feature of British designer’s bridal collection shoots, or gazed in awe at the floral displays in photos of Aynhoe Park. Juliet brings a theatrical and set designer’s eye to TV and film (forthcoming Bond blockbuster No Time To Die among them), plus red-carpet events. She also helps brides’ dreams come true – working on a limited number of weddings each year.

Flower story – meet floral stylist Juliet Glaves
Juliet Glaves grows her own flowers, so sustainability and seasonality are central to her work

What is really exciting about Juliet Glaves’ approach is the principles of seasonality and sustainability – key themes coming through in every aspect of bridal right now, and especially so in flowers. Many consider her a pioneer in this approach, since she not only designs with flowers, she grows her own on a large and lovingly-tended plot in the Shropshire countryside.

“Juliet Glaves not only designs with flowers, she grows her own on a lovingly-tended plot in Shropshire”

Having trained as a dancer and then as a fashion designer at Central Saint Martins, her flower farm project began after a 2007 documentary she made for the BBC about the traditional cut-flower industry in Britain – at that stage almost rendered extinct by hothouse imports.

Now her carefully tended acres are a mecca for wildlife (a win-win for brides who know they are looking after pollinators) and take us back to a time when brides carried whatever was in season. There is, says Juliet: “a magical quality to flowers that have lived a natural life”.

Juliet Glaves’ work growing cut flowers gives her a fresh perspective on floral style

Sustainable flower tips

* Ask for seasonal and for UK grown where possible.

* Think mood / colour and don’t get hung up on a bloom out of season – September roses can be just as lush and blousy as May peonies.

* Listen to your floral designer’s advice – they know what works and also what will stand up to a long wedding day.

* Be inspired by local growers – there’s now a network of great florists who work very sustainably, says Juliet Glaves.

Juliet Glaves

For more information about Juliet Glaves’ work, visit julietglaves.com


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