How to work it: Bow tied

How to work it: Bow tied
The bow is big in bridal in 2020 and Pronovias is among the designers that features bow-dressed gowns. This mini is from the LWD collection

The bow is big and bold in bridal for 2020, adding a jaunty flourish to wedding-day dressing and cutting a dash on choice jewels and accessories

Runway images: Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week

The bridal bow been around forever, symbolising unity and celebration. But in 2020 bows are having a bit of a moment. Worn on the waist or even as corsages and hair ties, these exaggerated – even super-sized – flourishes are cropping up across collections. If a bow-dressed gown doesn’t feel right for you, don’t tie yourself in knots because  there are endless options to add a flourish on shoes, bag or wedding jewels

1. Isabel Sanchis – Top dressing

Isabel Sanchis showed a bridal trouser suit with corsage at VBBFW

2. Emmy London – Glamour bow

Emmy London’s pink bridal shoes feature oversized satin bow ties

3. Cymbeline – Tulle two-piece

Cymbeline’s two-piece of hoop skirt and crop top is dressed with bows

4. Rachel Simpson – Cool clutch

Rachel Simpson’s leather clutch is dressed with an ornate tie

5. Jesús Peiró – Fifties ballgown

Jesús Peiró took to the VBBFW runway with a classic ballgown with twist

At Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week Jesús Peiró showed a classic 1950s ballgown style, reworked with cool slouch pockets and a generous bow at the waist. We love the flattering split-front bodice.

6. Awon Golding – Top knot

Awon Golding’s bridal hat and headdress collection includes this topknot hairband

7. Lebrusan Studio – Gold tassels

Lebrusan Studio’s gold bow earrings with tassels are a perfect finishing touch

8. Pronovias – Bow-licious

Pronovias’ 2020 collection includes this bow-licious gown

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