Bridal trend: Join the cape crusade with these cover stars

Bridal trend: Join the cape crusade with these cover stars
Capes and coverups add glamour and flow. Frilled full-length cape by Savannah Miller

Capes and cover-ups are a brilliant way to add coverage and glamour to your wedding-day outfit. Here are eight of our favourites from designer collections

The wedding cape is everywhere this season, included in multiple lengths and styles in lots of designer bridal fashion collections because this versatile fashion addition manages the difficult balancing act of being both practical and glamorous. For brides who want an ethereal extra layer but don’t do veils, capes are a brilliant alternative. They add elegance and texture to lift a plain gown and give a little extra coverage that makes them practical if you want a more modest and ‘covered up’ look for the wedding service.  Did we mention that that they are so lightweight and easy to pack that they are a perfect romantic extra layer for the destination bride? With so many options and ways to wear them, we say that capes and capelets are this season’s bridal fashion superhero.

1. Blackburn Couture – Flower dressed

Blackburn Bridal Couture’s Poppy cape adds a floaty layer

2. Mirror Mirror Couture – Fairytale cape

Mirror Mirror Couture’s fabulous full length cape with train has a fairytale quality

3. Sassi Holford – Cover model

Worn here with a bejewelled belt, Sassi Holford’s Willow cape is the perfect versatile piece to take you from aisle to after party

4. Oscar de la Renta – Botanic beauty

Oscar de la Renta’s lovely short capelet is designed to match a fairytale strapless gown

5. Stephanie Allin – Layered luxe

Stephanie Allin’s tapered cape has a soft lace trim at the front and extends at the back to form a train

6. Mira Zwillinger – Short order

This neat top layer provides extra coverage for a strapless Mira Zwillinger gown

7. Halfpenny London – Hollywood star

Halfpenny London’s feather trimmed cape is pure Hollywood glamour

8. Savannah Miller – Frilling finish

Savannah Miller’s frilled cape with tie is a gloriously frothy addition to a simple wedding gown

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