Bridesmaid style with these eight gorgeous looks

Bridesmaid style with these eight gorgeous looks
Gorgeous bridesmaid picks to ensure your attendants look and feel great. Gowns by Monsoon

These lovely bridesmaid gowns are the perfect way for your crew to take an important supporting role on your big day day

Bridesmaid style has never been easier, with a whole raft of new players giving your A-team even more choice. Alongside the specialists (who really have come up trumps this season), there are new ranges from stellar London names, and great choices from high-street favourites. Mix and match is increasingly popular, and for good reasons. Many brides are opting for more bridesmaids, so choosing different dresses in the same colourway or the same style in toning or contrasting hues that match your wedding colours can look fabulous in the group photos. Another bonus is that your bridesmaids get a dress that suits their style so they are more likely to feel happy and confident on the day. Here are eight of our favourites to inspire you.

1. Blossom time – Maids to Measure

We love this split-front gown in a soft blossom shade by Maids to Measure

2. Sage choice – Motee Maids

Motee Maids’ sage green gown is a soft and on-trend choice

3. Emerald luxe

We love TH&TH’s Grace gown – a perfect bridesmaid choice for glamorous party

4. Layer up – Dessy

Dessy’s fitted gown has a removablecapelet

5. Sister act – Halfpenny London

Halfpenny London’s new Sister range is certain to please your bridesmaids

6. Team bride – Chi Chi London

Chi Chi London has lots of choice when it comes to sizes and styles, and great price points

7. Lace luxe – Vera Mont

Vera Mont’s long mint green gown has a lace bodice

8. Eastern elegance – Monsoon

Monsoon’s party collection has eastern-inspired pieces that are great for a summer party

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