6 Wild ideas for wonderful wedding cakes

6 Wild ideas for wonderful wedding cakes
Wedding cakes are going wild, with nature dressing the table. Design by Lucy Burton

Wedding cakes are going wild and nature-inspired, with lavish blooms and lush fruit. Here are six of our favourite design ideas

Wedding cakes were traditionally in one (admittedly beautiful) style – tiered, dressed in white and designed to feed a crowd. Of course, the list of people who don’t eat icing, or marzipan, or fruit cake is long and sometimes includes one member of the happy couple.

But your wedding cake should be one of the most personal and creative elements – an opportunity to have fun. Like the wedding playlist, your party means you get to choose your favourite sweet flavours and design the style you most want to eat. Our very favourite trend is the wild and wonderful – where cakes are dressed with flowers, fruit and all manner of natural marvels. Artisan designers such as Lucy Burton are taking it even further, making designs packed with seasonal and hedgerow fruits and flavours.

Nearly all wedding cakes these days also come in multiple flavours, so ask your designer if they can mix and match layers, offer vegan and gluten free options and generally ensure everyone gets a slice of cake they will enjoy. Here are six of our favourite designs that capture the wild and wonderful flavours of nature.

1. Rosalind Miller – Blackberry garland

Rosalind Miller’s tiered design has a hedgerow garland

The wonderful riches of the autumn hedgerow are captured in Rosalind Miller’s beautiful tiered design. With a gilded buttercream icing, it has a garland of blackberry fruit and flowers along the cake. rosalindmillercakes.com

2. Yevnig Davies – Flower tower

Yevnig Davies captures the flower border on this design

This dramatic tiered cake by Yevnig Davies has elements of tradition, but then it becomes garden-in-bloom creative. With hand painted and marbled tiers, it is dressed with luscious sugarcraft flowers. yevnig.com

3. Lucy Burton – Rich harvest

This delectable sponge is by Lucy Burton

Lucy Burton’s gorgeous bespoke wedding and celebration cakes are created in her London studio for grateful clients. She has endlesss flavours (and if you don’t see the one you want just ask), including blackberry and bay with rosehip syrup. Flavours are inspired by the time of year with a focus on seasonal bounty. Taste is everything, but they are also dressed to thrill with luscious real fruits and flowers. lucyburtoncakes.com

4. GC Couture – Rose swag

GC Couture’s tower is decked with roses. Photo: Kate Nielen

GC Couture’s wedding cakes are always spectacular creations and this design plays with the tradition of the white tiered cake by adding a decadent swag of multicoloured rosebuds along the whole cake. What’s not to love? gccouture.co.uk

5. Rubys of London – Garden glory

Rubys of London’s creation brings the garden to your table

Greenwich baker Rubys of London makes delightful plant-based cakes and treats and its wedding cakes are perfect for feeding a crowd when you don’t want to worry about any guests missing out. All designs are handmade to order, so you get to choose the flavours. We love this design topped with a gorgeous flower border of blooms, ferns and greenery. rubysoflondon.com

6. Rosalind Miller – Full bloom

Rosalind Miller’s vegan cake is perfect for a smaller celebration

Part of Rosalind Miller’s ready-to-go Confections collection, this vegan design is topped with duck egg blue-buttercream icing and a handmade sugar daffodil. Perfect for a smaller celebration, or as an additional wedding cake for your vegan guests, it comes in a delectable choice of flavours including chocolate and coconut. confectionbyrosalindmiller.com


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